Clothing most popular category for online shoppers in Europe- Ystats

However, from here the purchase category ranks differ according to the country. In Germany, magazines and newspapers come in third place, but feature in fifth spot in France and seventh… Read more

EU raises doubts over Spain revenues from tech tax

The Spanish government this month approved a draft law that would tax large companies 3 percent of their digital turnover, bringing an estimated 1.2 billion euros ($1.3 billion) to state… Read more

Clothing care major factor in efforts for sustainability, new Trunk Club survey finds

The survey, conducted as part of the company’s new Caring for Clothing campaign, aims to make consumers aware of their clothing waste and provide resources for consumers to better care… Read more

Shutdown clouds outlook for consumer-driven U.S. economic growth

Federal Reserve officials and many economists have long counted on continued robust consumer spending to keep the economy chugging along, despite headwinds from recent financial markets turbulence, trade conflicts and… Read more

Retail jobs decline in Q4 as retailers adjust to industry changes

The decrease was driven by food retailers, as companies scaled back to adjust to big structural changes in the industry.“In the last quarter, seasonal overtime was scaled back much more… Read more

U.S. eases way to more tariff exemptions under pressure from allies

President Donald Trump, who has broad powers to impose the tariffs of 25 percent on steel imports and 10 percent on aluminium, at the outset granted exemptions to Canada and… Read more

Trade pact clause seen deterring China trade deal with Canada, Mexico

The provision specifies that if one of the current North American Free Trade Agreement partners enters a free trade deal with a “non-market” country such as China, the others can… Read more

Why the fashion industry will be ditching fur next year

First up was Michael Kors, which announced at the very end of 2017 that it would phase out the use of fur in its collections (and those of its company… Read more

US textile and apparel imports rise by a quarter in 2021

Apparel constituted the bulk of textile and garment imports made by the US during the 10 months, and were valued at $66.915 billion, while non-apparel imports accounted for the remaining… Read more
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