Whatsapp Web: Reviews, Features & Tips for Using WA on a PC

Whatsapp Web: Reviews, Features & Tips for Using WA on a PC

WhatsApp or commonly abbreviated as WA, is a social media for chatting that allows users to chat easily and quickly. Not only chat, users can also send various videos, photos, images, GIFs, maps, and even locations live through the WhatsApp Live Location feature. Of course, as time goes by, WhatsApp’s features are increasing, especially with the WhatsApp Web for PC.

WhatsApp Web is one of the easiest ways to use WhatsApp on any computer and laptop in the world, as long as you have a mobile phone to sign in or log in. After you set up WA Web on your PC, the tips and tricks that Kabar Games will give you will make you have a different experience using WhatsApp (WA) Web for PC.

How WhatsApp for PC Works

WhatsApp Web doesn’t have all the features that the WA application has on a smartphone. In reality, WA Web cannot work without a mobile app. You will need a smartphone to connect to a computer or laptop, and then use it. Basically WA Web is a clone of what’s happening on your smartphone. When a message arrives on your smartphone, you will immediately see it on WhatsApp Web.

There are several reasons if your cellphone doesn’t get messages, maybe because your cellphone doesn’t have an active connection or the smartphone is turned off, then you won’t see any incoming messages on WhatsApp Web either, but in some cases, this also makes the WA Web application feel more secure.

How to Run WA Web

How to Run WhatsApp Web

In general, actually how to run whatsapp web is a simple process and does not require special skills, everything you need must be you already have. Immediately following a list of the items you need.

  • An Android Smartphone or iPhone / iOs where the rear camera works
  • A laptop or computer with an up-to-date web browser, for example Google Chrome
  • An active internet connection for your cellphone and computer or laptop
  • The latest updated version of WhatsApp

How to Set WA for PC

How to Set WhatsApp Web

With everything you need in hand and in front of you, the next steps to setting up WhatsApp Web are straightforward.

  • Open a browser on your PC and head to the website.whatsapp.com.
  • On your WhatsApp mobile app, tap Menu> WhatsApp Web to start the QR code reader.
  • Point your phone’s back camera at the QR code on your PC screen.

Once the WA Web reads the QR code, it will directly connect the smartphone to a PC or computer and laptop. In an instant, WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp mobile will be connected or synchronized.

What You Can Do on the WA Web

  • Use your keyboard to type.
  • Access media (photo, video, audio) in one menu.
  • Can download any media directly to PC.
  • Start new conversations with any contact, or search for existing conversations.
  • Start new group conversations, talk in group conversations, and view group info.
  • Can connect multiple computers to your mobile and save them.
  • Can disconnect the browser from your phone even remotely.
  • Get turned on or off alerts and sounds on the desktop.
  • Share photos and videos, documents and contacts.
  • Send emojis, GIFs and stickers, as well as voice notes.
  • View WhatsApp Status updates from any contact.
  • Select multiple messages, and delete messages.
  • Reply to, forward, mark, or delete messages.
  • Change your profile.
  • View contact information.

What You Cannot Do on the WA Web

  • You cannot send WhatsApp broadcasts.
  • You cannot receive WhatsApp Voice calls or WhatsApp Video calls.
  • You cannot post WhatsApp Status updates.
  • You cannot share your current map or location.
  • You cannot change media download settings, so all the photos and videos sent to you are downloaded automatically.
  • You cannot use two browsers at the same time. Although you can add multiple browsers / PCs to your phone, you can only use them one at a time.
  • Settings are limited to notifications via WhatsApp Web and chat wallpapers.

How to Use WA Web on iPad

How to Use WhatsApp Web on iPad

On your iPad or iPod, open Safari and visit web.whatsapp.com. This will redirect you to whatsapp.com. let the icon next to the address bar appear as you can see in the images above, then click the “Request Desktop Site.

When the page reloads again, you will see a WhatsApp Web page with a QR code. To scan a code, open the menu Settings> WhatsApp Web in the WA app on your iPhone. On Android, you have to head to Menu> WhatsApp Web. If your phone remains inactive and doesn’t scan the code automatically, you may have to change the QR code page down a bit.

After the code has been scanned, you are ready to use WhatsApp Web on your iPad / iPod. You can try this method in other browsers as well by the same method which is requesting the desktop version for the WhatsApp Web page. But everyone’s experience may vary slightly based on the browser they use.

However, there are several drawbacks to using WA Web on iOs. For starters, you won’t get notifications for incoming messages. Second, you may miss some features like voicemail. The good news is if you’re an iPad user, you also have several other WhatsApp Web alternatives that are actually made for touchscreen devices. Messenger + for WhatsApp [Tidak Lagi Tersedia] is one of the most popular among them.

How to Use Multiple WA Accounts

How to Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Many people use two WhatsApp numbers that are used in one cellphone, where some people sometimes don’t know how to use the two WhatsApp numbers on the same computer or laptop. To do this, all you need to do is open the WhatsApp Web site in two different browsers.

Say you have used the first number on Google Chrome, then the second WhatsApp number is run on Mozilla Fire Fox. Alternatively, you can open the incognito mode and use WhatsApp, but if you close the incognito mode, WhatsApp will automatically log out by itself.

How to Logout WhatsApp Web

If you use WhatsApp Web on your own computer, you can still log in even after it’s finished. If you’re using it on someone else’s computer, it’s best to log out when you’re done. It is best to do this on your own computer and mobile app.

  • To log out of WhatsApp Web on the desktop, go to Menu> Logout
  • To log out of WhatsApp from any device connected to your phone, open it Menu> WhatsApp Web> Log out from all devices.

WA Web Add-On in Google Chrome

WhatsApp Web Add-On in Google Chrome

Multi Messenger for WA Web

Multi Messenger for WhatsApp Web allows you to combine WhatsApp and all major messages into one simple window. Multi messenger is an application for combining WhatsApp Web and other messengers around the world. This add-on allows you to have access to authorized services quickly from windows.

You can even use some instant messaging apps, for example. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Telegram, which makes Multi Messenger for WhatsApp Web the perfect tool for managing multiple social media accounts in one place.

Note: Multi messenger DOES NOT belong to or associated with the official WhatsApp application or other messaging. This is an unofficial Extension independently developed and maintained with the aim of making WA Web services more accessible.

WhatsApp Web Plus

Ever used WA Web when someone was standing behind your screen? Ever wanted to use WhatsApp at night in WA’s dark mode, or like having the thumbs up emoji button like Facebook Messenger has? what about restoring deleted messages so you don’t have time to read? With WA Web Plus, you will expand your experience using WA for PC.

WA Web Plus Privacy Features

  • Blur recent chat messages
  • Blur contact name
  • Blur contact picture
  • Blur conversation messages
  • Returns deleted messages

Why is WA Web Special?

Why is WhatsApp Web Special?

So why should you use WA Web when its features are more limited than mobile? Because the keyboard of course! If you want to be involved in a really, really long conversation with someone, it’s easier to type on the keyboard isn’t it. in fact, WhatsApp Web can work side-by-side with WhatsApp Business as well, and you will likely like it if you can handle multiple customers simultaneously, which can shorten your time.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts. The two most useful shortcuts to remember are Ctrl + Shift +[ untuk menuju ke percakapan sebelumnya, dan Ctrl + Shift +] to go to the next conversation. Simply shorten the time to reply to incoming messages, right?

How Safe is WA Web?

How Safe is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp is one of the fastest growing instant messaging apps in the world, and is almost a social media in its own right. But if you do use it, there are steps you should take to protect your security and privacy. Although initially criticized for a lack of security, WhatsApp now offers end-to-end encryption for all of its messages. And the good news is, this extends to the WA Web too. Here are tips to make WhatsApp feel more secure and protect your privacy.

  • Check encryption for sensitive conversations
  • Turn on security notifications
  • Turn on double verification
  • Use passwords from other applications to open WhatsApp
  • Disable Cloud Backup
  • Watch out for scammers
  • Use the official official WhatsApp Web

Still, it would be great if you applied the best security practices for using WhatsApp and understood any security issues for your photos on WhatsApp, whether you are using them on your computer or on your phone.

Tips for Using WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web Tips and Tricks

Kabar Games has covered the basics of using WhatsApp Web above, what it can and cannot do, and everything you need to know about WhatsApp Web. Now is the time to increase knowledge about WA Web with a few simple tips and tricks below.

WhatsApp Keyboard Shortcuts for PC

  • CTRL + N : Create a new conversation.
  • CTRL + Shift +] : Switch to the next conversation.
  • CTRL + Shift + [ : Beralih kepercakapan sebelumnya.
  • CTRL + E : Mengarsipkan percakapan.
  • CTRL + Shift + M : Mute percakapan.
  • CTRL + Backspace : Menghapus percakapan.
  • CTRL + Shift + U : Tandai sebagai unread/belum dibaca.
  • CTRL + = : Zoom in.
  • CTRL + – : Zoom out.
  • CTRL + 0 : Kembali pada posisi zoom awal.
  • CTRL + Shift + N : Membuat grup percakapan.
  • CTRL + P : Membuka status profile.
  • CTRL + Z : Undo.
  • CTRL + Shift + Z : Redo.
  • CTRL + X : Cut.
  • CTRL + C : Copy.
  • CTRL + V : Paste.
  • CTRL + A : Select all.
  • CTRL + F : Melakukan pencarian / search.
  • ALT + F4 : Keluar dari WhatsApp.

Mencari Emoji Menggunakan Keyboard

Pesan singkat terasa tidak lengkap tanpa emoji. Tetapi perlu usaha ektra dan memakan waktu lama untuk mengubahnya dari keyboard ke mouse, klik ikon emoji di sebelah kotak teks, dan kemudian cari emoji yang Anda mau. Itulah cara yang lebih cepat bagi para keyboard warrior. Sementara di kotak teks biasa, ketik titik dua (Shift +; /: Key) diikuti oleh dua huruf pertama dari emosi yang ingin Anda ungkapkan. Anda akan mendapatkan prompt pencocokan emoji yang berubah dengan setiap huruf yang Anda ketikkan.

Gunakan tombol panah di keyboard untuk berganti-ganti antara emoji yang ditampilkan. Tekan Enter untuk mengirimkannya ke teman. Ini adalah cara yang jauh lebih cepat untuk mengetik, dan itu akan membantu jika Anda membiasakan diri dengan kamus emoji ke bahasa Inggris.

Mengubah Emoticon menjadi Emoji

Beberapa emoji tidak memerlukan trick titik dua dan tipe di atas, WhatsApp akan secara otomatis mengonversinya dari emoticon teks klasik. Sebuah aplikasi bernama Redditor bisa membantu mengekstrak daftar lengkap emoticon yang dikonversi secara otomatis dari javascript WhatsApp:


Konon, auto konversi ini keseringan mengganggu bagi sebagian orang, ada cara yang mudah untuk menjadikannya sebagai emoticon. Yang Anda butuhkan hanyalah userscript yang disebut WhatsApp Emoticon Preserver.

Membaca Pesan Tanpa Centang Biru

Selama Anda mengaktifkan tanda centang biru, selama itu pula orang lain dapat melihat waktu yang tepat saat Anda membaca teks mereka. Anda dapat menonaktifkan “Read Receipt” pada ponsel Anda jika Anda ingin menonaktifkan fitur WhatsApp ini, tetapi tunggu dulu, ternyata WA Web memiliki hal yang lebih baik.

  • Jika Anda berbicara dengan seseorang dan ingin membaca pesan mereka tanpa mereka mendapatkan tanda terima baca yang berwarna bitu, inilah yang harus Anda lakukan:
  • Buka percakapan di jendela WhatsApp Web Anda.
  • Buka file Notepad (atau window lain) dan ubah ukurannya sehingga Anda dapat melihat percakapan Web WhatsApp lengkap di latar belakang.
  • Klik di file Notepad dan simpan kursor Anda di sana, Ini adalah langkah penting, karena komputer berpikir Anda bekerja di jendela yang berbeda.
  • Pesan akan dimuat di jendela percakapan di latar belakang, dimana Anda dapat membacanya, tanpa ditandai sebagai telah dibaca dengan tanda biru. Pesan tersebut akan di tandai dengan warna abu-abu double tick, artinya pesan diterima oleh Anda, tetapi tidak dibaca.
  • Saat Anda ingin menandainya sebagai sudah dibaca, klik jendela percakapan WhatsApp Web dan tanda itu akan langsung berubah menjadi biru.

Batasan metode ini adalah Anda hanya dapat membaca konten satu obrolan pada satu waktu. Tetapi seberapa sering Anda benar-benar perlu menggunakan trick ini?

WAToolkit untuk Preview Pesan Masuk

Jika menggunakan WAToolkit, pengguna Chrome akan memiliki kemampuan untuk menambahkan fitur tambahan ke WhatsApp Web. Ekstensi ini memiliki dua trik keren, salah satunya termasuk yang memungkinkan Anda membaca percakapan tanpa perlu menerima “Read Receipt“. Inilah fitur yang terdapat di WAToolkit:

  • Notifikasi Pemberitahuan: Ketika Anda mendapatkan pesan baru di WA, Anda tidak perlu lagi beralih ke tab WhatsApp Web untuk membacanya. Lencana ikon WAToolkit menunjukkan berapa banyak pesan yang belum dibaca yang Anda miliki. Arahkan kursor ke ikon dan Anda dapat melihat preview pesan yang masuk, tanpa perlu menerima tanda sebagai sudah dibaca di percakapan utama Anda.
  • Full Width Chat Bubble: Secara default, WhatsApp tidak menampilkan chat seseorang di seluruh jendela percakapan. Itulah mengapa Anda mendapatkan teks multi-baris, saat dimana sebenarnya itu akan dengan mudah masuk dalam satu baris jendela desktop Anda. WAToolkit memperbaiki hal ini dengan memutar gelembung teks menjadi lebar penuh.

Mengubah Volume Suara dan Audio

Tidak seperti aplikasi WA biasa, WhatsApp Web tidak memungkinkan Anda melakukan panggilan suara. Namun jangan kecewa terlebih dulu, Anda tetap dapat mengirimkan pesan suara. Tapi apa yang bisa Anda lakukan jika pesan suara itu agak terlalu lembut, atau mungkin terlalu lama?

Zapp adalah ekstensi WhatsApp Web untuk Chrome yang memungkinkan Anda menyesuaikan kedua faktor tersebut di atas. Anda dapat menambah volume pesan audio yang baru Anda terima, atau mengubah kecepatan pemutaran. Anda juga dapat mencapai 2x kecepatan pemutaran dan meningkatkan volume hingga hampir 100 persen.

Cara Menyadap Chat di WhatsApp

It’s a wrap! That’s the complete guide on how to use WA Web on your desktop browser or PC, by the way the video above is a bonus. For those of you who want to try tips on tapping WhatsApp crushes, maybe you can use the method in the video. For Cool Singles, you can play the love game recommendations that Kabar Games has previously provided.

Don’t forget to comment below if the information that Kabar Games provides is still lacking and Kabar Games will update it again soon. Keep up with Kabar Games so you can find out the latest information about gadgets, smartphones or tips and tricks for playing your favorite games!