WhatsApp & Video Calls Now Available via Google Assistant!

WhatsApp & Video Calls Now Available via Google Assistant!

The Google Assistant today can do a lot of things and even has integrations with many third-party messaging services. This week, Google “covertly” announced that the Google Assistant will be able to make video and audio calls with WhatsApp or WA Call.

If you want Google Assistant to send text messages, there are many services you can use to do this, including Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, and of course the SMS app of your choice. Previously, for calls and video calls, unfortunately, they were limited to only a few options, but in the future, WhatsApp and video calls can now be used via Google Assistant.

From now on, you can ask the Google Assistant on your smartphone to initiate a video or audio call via WhatsApp. It’s as simple as saying it like this:

  • “Hey Google, WhatsApp video (name of someone on the contact list)”
  • “Hey Google, WhatsApp call (name of someone on the contact list)”

Previously, audio calls via Google Assistant would only work via your traditional network dialer (using the regular button) and video calls via Assistant would only work with Google’s Hangouts or Duo. With this WhatsApp integration, video / audio calls are now much easier for millions of people around the world.

You must be a WhatsApp user on Android to be able to make video calls or whatsapp calls with Google Assistant voice commands. It looks like this could eventually make its way to a smart display like the Google Nest Hub in the future, but for now, Google says it requires a WhatsApp app for Android, but unfortunately these calling and video calling features have not been available on the WhatsApp web version as of now.

Google itself didn’t clarify much in its announcement, but it looks like this whatsapp feature only works on smartphones. If you try this new WhatsApp and video calling service on your cellphone and it doesn’t work, chances are that this feature is only taking time to use, so it may be a few days or even a few weeks before this feature can work for everyone around the world. Are you a loyal Google Assistant user and interested in using the WhatsApp and video call features?