Unleash: Apple’s iPhone X Gaming Vainglory Ad

Unleash: Apple’s iPhone X Gaming Vainglory Ad

The latest breakthrough was released by electronics giant Apple in the last week of July 2018. Apple electronics company released an iPhone X trailer targeting the market for gamers. The iPhone X Gaming trailer was released as a non-gaming gadget advertisement, but the video released on Youtube was able to amaze those who saw it.


The latest iPhone X ad targeting mobile game players, especially Vainglory, is called Unleash. This iPhone X Gaming Vainglory ad shows a young man walking down the streets in China City.

The street was filled with motorbikes, as well as bicycles. This young man is a game player. He plays mobile games on his smartphone. While doing entertainment activities with a soundtrack called Movement by Oliver Tree, later on, he will also receive text messages while watching streaming on the Youtube application.

When he plays games, a few seconds later, the commercial scene switches to games that are bigger than his smart phone. From the game, monsters and virtual characters come out that he finally fights in the real world. In the end, this ad ends with the appearance of a tagline which states “Release Yourself with a Stronger“.

Apart from video trailers on Youtube, promotions are also carried out in the app store. If you open the application, a promotion will appear for Vainglory which is a MOBA game on mobile that is played like DotA 2 or League of Legends.

Apple made the iPhone X Gaming or the iPhone X gaming specifications because it wanted to target the market for mobile game lovers. In the cellphone, the company that was raised by Steve Jobs updated its on-chip system. This update is carried out every year so that the cellphone can work more powerfully. For the iPhone this time, Apple made their own GPU design using the A11 Bionic.

This update is one of the competitive advantages that Apple has against Android manufacturers. The company with the apple logo, today, has a clear advantage when it comes to benchmarks as well as game performance.

iPhone Gaming

Super Evil Megacorp has detailed the benefits the game it calls the A11 chip hardware. An officially released blog post has described the increase in processing power which allowed Super Evil Megacorp to provide detailed calculations of Fog of War in Vainglory.

Instead of pixels, SEM uses geometry to create Fog of War. Previous generation devices were not powerful enough to compute and display these visual effects“Said Super Evil Megacorp co-founder and CTO, Tommy Krul.

With geometry a lot of work to be done, the more objects blocking the view, the more calculations have to be done. This is where the A11 plays a very important role in the iPhone. The hardware looks amazing because it can process quickly, even the chip with multiple cores is capable of executing six commands at once“Added Tommy Krul.

Vainglory on iPhone

Game publisher, Super Evil Megacorp has big ambitions for Vainglory. This MOBA genre mobile game will be brought up by the company at the international event World Electronic Sports Games in 2018 along with famous games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and also DOTA 2.

This is the latest gadget news about the iPhone X Gaming from Apple which targets the market for game players, especially Vainglory, which uses high hardware specifications to be able to play. Oh yeah, stay tuned for more news about gadget games only at Kabar Games!