Official Facebook Gaming Application Released on Google Play Store

Official Facebook Gaming Application Released on Google Play Store

The Facebook Gaming application was officially released and can be downloaded on the Google Play Store. The application that you can download here will stand alone and separate from the main Facebook platform. Online games have now become mainstream and are a very large industry and can be played on various platforms such as consoles, gadgets, PCs or laptops, and this is what made Facebook release this application.

In a video conference on Friday (08/05) attended by Kabar Games and other media in Indonesia, Michael Rose, Head of Southeast Asia Games Partnership Facebook said “Southeast Asia has developed into one of the most potential markets for Facebook Gaming, which is largely driven by the popularity of our video games and video game makers based in Indonesia.“.

What is the Facebook Gaming App?

Facebook aims to build a large gaming community in the world by connecting streamers as content creators and the community through live streaming that streamers routinely do. In other words, playing games has evolved from an activity that spends time into a means to build a community of players.

Facebook is here in Indonesia to support streamer gamers in Indonesia to build strong communities and create meaningful interactions with their fans, and at the same time, provide various ways for these content creators to build businesses that best suit their content and fans. ,“- Michael Rose.

Previously, users could access Facebook Gaming through a special tab on the Facebook application. However, with the release of the Facebook Gaming application on the Google Play Store, it will be easier for those who want to see game content from other creators. Facebook gaming itself has received a very good response in Indonesia since its launch.

Not only that, this Facebook Gaming application will make it easier for streamers to live stream via the Go Live feature. If usually content creators have to use a PC or laptop to stream, now they can do it easily through this application. Content creators can also create tournaments through the features provided in the application.

So now anyone can create their own tournament, and invite whoever wants to be invited including scoring and bracket creation. Users can also play instant games that can be played immediately without having to install them first.

Growth of Facebook Gaming in Indonesia

Facebook Gaming's growth

When asked why there should be a Facebook Gaming application, Michael Rose gave the answer “This Facebook community is not just gamers. With this application, it will gather those who like game content in one community to find the desired content without being mixed with other content. “

As is well known, Indonesia is one of the top markets that has grown enormously in the last 18 months. During this time, Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire and Grand Theft Auto V are among the most popular online games in Indonesia.

How is the Monetization System?

How is the Monetization System?

So for you content creators who just play games and want to know how to get money from the Facebook Gaming application, you can follow the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Ads or advertisements, in the form of videos or images that appear during live streaming
  2. Stars, where fans can buy stars to give to streamers. These stars can be collected and cashed later by content creators. In fact, 5.6 million stars were sent throughout April 2020 in Indonesia
  3. Subscription, here fans will provide support by subscribing to content from a content creator. Then the content creator will provide exclusive content to subscribers every month.

Wow, it’s also very profitable to use the Facebook Gaming application. For you content creators with various advantages, now is the time to try and move on to improving the community and increasing your income coffers. Come on Go Live now!