Line for PC: How to Download, Install & Settings on a Laptop

Line for PC: How to Download, Install & Settings on a Laptop

Application instant messaging it is on the rise lately because instant messaging applications are an alternative to SMS. You don’t need credit for every single message sent. It makes it more economical when dealing with beloved girlfriends, friends, or parents. After Kabar Games previously discussed Instagram for PC, this time we will explain how to download, install and use the Line application on a computer or laptop.

Line is an application that is used for messaging (messenger / chatting) for free on smartphone devices. However, the Line application can actually be referred to as a social networking application because of the timeline feature as a place to share status, voice messages, videos, photos, contacts and location information. With the Line application we can also make voice calls and video calls in real time and for free.

Initially, the application developed by the NHN Corporation in June 2011 could only be used by iOS and Android devices. Who would have thought, its rapid development made the LINE application enter the first and best-selling free application in 42 countries.

Among young people, the Line application is one of the most favorite instant messaging applications. This is none other than the convenience and attractive features that Line has. Usually Line is used on devices such as Android, Windows Phone, iOS, and others. Not only on the mobile platform, now you can also install and register LINE on your PC.

In this post, Kabar Games will discuss how to download, install and set the Line for PC application. Don’t miss out on various tips and tricks on how to use Line on a computer or laptop that you don’t know yet.

Line for PC in Window 10

Opening the Line application that is on our Smartphone via a computer or laptop will certainly greatly help movement and effectiveness, especially for those of you who work or are often in front of a computer daily. Line for PC allows users to focus on one screen without the need to move gadgets every time there is a new notification.

The first step that must be taken to use the line application on a PC is that you must first install the Line application. You can download it for free via the official Line website, and here is how to download and install the Line for PC application:

How to Download and Install

  • Open the official Line website in your browser.
  • Select the Install Line for PC version and wait for it to download.
  • Run the application then select the language.
  • Then, click next and agree and install.
  • Now you can use this application!

Apart from visiting the official Line website, you can also download Line from the Microsoft App Store which is available on Windows 10. So make sure you are using the latest version of Windows. Following are the steps:

  • Open the Microsot Store App in Windows 10
  • Look for the Line application in the search box
  • Then, click “Get“Then download Line
  • Open the application then login
  • Done, you can use this application!

Like other software or applications, Line has its own pluses and minuses compared to other similar applications, as for some of the disadvantages and advantages of using the Line application on a computer or laptop, namely:

Lack of Line on PC

  • You must have an account first to be able to use Line for PC.
  • The LINE application must require a fairly stable internet network.

Advantages of Line on PC

  • All friends and groups on your smartphone will be found on LINE, so you don’t have to bother adding friends over and over again.
  • The Line application does not have to be synchronized with a smartphone.

Line for PC via Emulator

List of lines in Windows 10

For those of you who have never used Line on a smartphone or have never registered with Line before, you can use the BlueStacks emulator application. Because BlueStacks works like an Android cellphone, you can also register a LINE account on a PC without the help of a smartphone.

It doesn’t have to be BlueStacks, you can use other Android emulators. It’s just that BlueStacks is one of the best emulators on smartphones today. Here’s how to install and register LINE on PC via BlueStacks.

BlueStacks emulator

Download the online application via Bluestack

  • First, download and install the BlueStacks emulator via the official website.
  • After BlueStacks is installed, please download the Line application in the BlueStacks.
  • Type the word “LINE”In the search bar on the top right until the application icon appears.
  • After that, click the “Install“.
  • In the choice of application sources, select an application store such as Google Play Store or Amazon so you can download it immediately.
  • After selecting one of these application stores, click the “Install” button. Then BlueStack will immediately install the LINE application on your PC.
  • Run the LINE application through the BlueStacks.
  • After that, do the registration to get the account.
  • Now you can continue to use LINE through this BlueStacks or use it through the LINE for PC application as above.

Line for PC via Chrome Extension

Download the line 2020 application

The rapid development of the LINE messenger application today with hundreds of millions of users worldwide, making LINE continue to innovate and develop its application to be compatible with all operating systems, even LINE can be installed on a browser using Add-ons or Google Chrome extensions.

By using this method, you no longer need to download and install the Line application manually. As for how to use the Line application via the Chrome extension, as described by Kabar Games below:

  • Open the Chrome Web Store in the Chrome application, then type the word “LINE”
  • Then select the button “Add to Chrome“, A warning will appear, and select”Add
  • Then wait for the download and installation process to complete.
  • If the download and installation process is complete, the button that reads “Add to Chrome” will be “Launch the App
  • Run the application, select the button “Launch the App“.
  • Next, please log in with the account that you created before or can create a new account. You can also log in via Scan QR Code such as Whatsapp Web. How to log in by Scan QR Code, enter the menu “add a friend“Click the QR Code menu button, and Scan the QR Code on your Google Chrome screen.
  • Now, LINE Messenger in Chrome will automatically sync on the server and applications installed on the smartphone.

So, that was how to download, install, set and use the Line application on a PC? You can also use this method as an alternative if your cellphone internet is down, so you can still keep in touch with relatives and family who are your LINE friends. Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about games, anime and gadgets only at Kabar Games.