How to Register & Get Money from Facebook Gaming Creator

How to Register & Get Money from Facebook Gaming Creator

After undergoing a trial period of 18 months, the Facebook Gaming application was finally released on the PlayStore and competed directly with already popular platforms such as Youtube Gaming, Mixer and Twich. Interestingly, you can register and get money from Facebook Gaming creators in an easy way. Your income will be calculated based on your performance while being a content creator.

Basically, you as a content creator will get money from Facebook Gaming in 3 ways, namely Ads / advertisements, Stars given by fans and fans who subscribe to your content. Immediately, here is how to register and get money from Facebook Gaming creators with potential income of millions to tens of millions of rupiah. It’s not a dream, it’s time for you to show off as a content creator!

Create a Facebook Gaming Creator Page

The first step to becoming a Facebook Gaming content creator is to create a Facebook Gaming Creator Page so that you have your own platform to use the Go Live or live streaming feature. There are 3 stages to be able to make money from Facebook Gaming:

  1. Beginner

At this stage you can’t make money yet, but here you will form a community so you can move up to the next stage.

  1. Level Up

At this stage, content creators who have started to develop can enroll in the Level Up program so that they can start earning income

  1. Partner

Content Creators who are developing very rapidly and have high subscribers have the potential to become partners or partners of Facebook Gaming.

How to Register Facebook Gaming Creator Page

  • Make sure you already have a personal Facebook account first
  • Create a FB Gaming Creator Page via the link
  • Customize your page to be as unique and cool as possible, using up-to-date profile photos
  • Register to become a Facebook Gaming Creator via the link
  • Click Register on the main menu in red at the bottom
  • Fill in your personal data completely according to your KTP, email and registered cellphone number
  • Done! You will get a notification after registering

A thousand steps always start with one important step. To be able to start all of these steps you have to create a Facebook Gaming Creator Page like the guide above. Don’t forget to give your page name as unique as possible, because it will be your image as well as your hallmark as a content creator. Don’t forget to provide a profile photo and cover as who you are.

How to Get Money from Facebook Gaming

How to Get Money from Facebook Gaming

After you know how to register and create a Facebook Gaming Creator Page, now is the time for you to know in detail how to get money from Facebook Gaming and how much potential income you can get as a content creator.


Just like Youtube, here you will get income from advertising. But what’s interesting here is that the ads that are displayed will not interfere with your live streaming. These ads will be in the form of videos or images, where a video player will appear that is separate from the main video used when you live streaming.

There is also an ad image that will appear in your live streaming video, where this image will slightly shrink the live streaming screen so that viewers can still enjoy your shows without being too distracted by advertisements. Really okay like this, right?


In other games, stars are similar to diamonds that can be purchased on Facebook at a fairly cheap price starting from Rp. 8,000 to get 25 stars, Rp. 15,000 to get 50 stars up to Rp. 310,000 to get 1,400 stars.

Then this star can be used by Followers to be given to creator content as a form of appreciation during live streaming. The stars that are collected can then be cashed by the creators.


Creator content can also activate the Subscriptions feature which is fan support, where followers and get a variety of exclusive content provided by creators such as stickers or special content.

There are many advantages to joining Facebook Gaming, where several talented creators will be specially invited by Facebook Gaming to several events, such as the Game Show, Creators Day or Creator Summit events organized by Facebook.

How, it’s quite easy not to become a gamer with a potential income of millions of rupiah? In this fairly simple way, it’s time for you to make money from Facebook Gaming and join the largest live streaming game community on Facebook. Come on and go live now!