How to Enable Instagram (IG) Dark Mode on Android & iOs

How to Enable Instagram (IG) Dark Mode on Android & iOs

Not long ago, Google brought dark mode to a number of its applications, as well as the Android OS. Gmail soon followed to get this dark mode. Facebook is also not left behind by presenting a dark mode on Facebook Messenger. This dark mode update spreads to other Facebook applications. Recently, WhatsApp dark mode has been tested, and now, Instagram dark mode (IG) was officially released in October 2019.

Instagram (IG) Dark mode can only be available if your smartphone’s operating system has a built-in night mode feature or has become a built-in feature of an OS. For now, the operating system that supports dark mode on Instagram is Android 10, as well as the iPhone with iOS 13. Examples of smartphones with Android 10 are the Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung with One UI, Redmi Note 7 Pro and Xiaomi with MIUI 10.

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on iOS

Instagram has officially released the dark mode for the iOS operating system (OS). This feature comes following Apple which released it on the latest iOS (iOS 13) for 2019. This featured background on Instagram comes in black and white text. This feature makes the eyes more comfortable when surfing on Instagram and can save battery. These advantages make many Instagram users interested in using the dark mode feature.

However, a special button to activate and deactivate the dark mode feature on Instagram is not provided by the manager. Even though it looks not easy because there are no practical buttons, but how to activate it is not difficult. Here is how to activate dark mode for Instagram on iOS!

Make sure the iPhone OS Supports Dark Mode

To activate dark mode for Instagram on iOS, you must ensure that the iPhone operating system supports dark mode. Currently, the only iOS that supports this feature is iOS 13 which is the latest iPhone operating system in 2019. So that this feature can be successfully activated on Instagram, then make sure your iPhone has iOS 13.

Turn on the iPhone’s Dark Mode Feature

If your iPhone is confirmed to have iOS 13 as the operating system, the next step is to turn on the dark mode feature that is built into the iPhone. To turn it on, go to the settings section, select display, and the dark mode option.

Update Instagram

After turning on the iPhone’s dark mode, you must download or update the Instagram application to the latest version. You can get the latest version of Instagram easily via the official Apple App Store application.

Run Instagram

If you have finished installing or updating Instagram on your iPhone, then open the photo sharing social network application. When open, the default Instagram display will automatically turn dark. If you want to change the appearance of Instagram back to the original, then deactivate the iPhone’s dark mode by returning to settings, selecting display, and deactivating dark mode.

How to Enable Instagram Dark Mode on Android

How to Enable Dark Mode Instagram on Android 10

Even though it has not been officially released, smartphone users with Android OS can already enjoy dark mode on Instagram. You can enjoy this feature in beta. To be able to activate dark mode for Instagram on Android, follow the steps below!

Make sure the smartphone has a night mode feature

Google has included the dark mode system wide feature on the Android 10 operating system. Make sure your smartphone has the Android operating system, or the One UI application, and / or the MIUI 10 application. If this is confirmed, then you can follow the next steps!

Enable Dark Mode on Phone

The next step after making sure your OS is Android 10, has One UI, and / or MIUI 10, then activate night mode on the cellphone. For Android 10, go to Settings, select display, change to Night Mode. For One UI and MIUI 10, the activation is the same as for Android 10.

Join the Instagram Join Beta Program

Because it has not been officially released for the Android operating system and is only available in beta, then you must use the Instagram beta program which can be accessed via the Google Play Store. First, look for the join beta option on the Play Store page of the Instagram application. Then click the join button, and wait a few moments. If the message appears that the slot is full, then you have failed and cannot try. So for now, Android users must scramble to use Instagram’s dark mode. First come, first serve. If successful, follow the next steps!

Installing Instagram Beta

If you have successfully joined the Instagram beta trial, the next step is to download the beta version of Instagram. Go through the installation process to complete, then open the Instagram application. The default Instagram display will show dark mode.

That’s the information about Instagram’s dark mode (IG). For those of you who are interested in using dark mode on Instagram, try the method, guaranteed to work. Don’t forget, wait for the latest information about social media and gadgets only at Kabar Games!