How to Become a Smartphone Gaming Youtuber for Beginners

How to Become a Smartphone Gaming Youtuber for Beginners

Becoming a YouTuber is a promising profession. Moreover, it is combined with the world of gaming and esports which is on the rise lately. Currently, there are many YouTubers, especially gaming YouTubers with exorbitant income, call it PewDiePie or JessNoLimit. So, seeing the reality of a YouTuber salary like now, you must be asking the question, How do you become a gaming YouTuber?

If you think that becoming a gaming YouTuber requires some first-class gadgets such as a god-spec PC / laptop, then you are wrong. You can start the path of becoming a gaming YouTuber with only a cellphone. How to? The following Kabar Games will provide a complete tutorial on how to become a beginner gaming YouTuber with a smartphone or cellphone.

Create a Youtube Account

The most important first step in becoming a gaming YouTuber is to create a YouTube account. Because if you don’t have a YouTube account, how can you become a YouTuber? You can create a YouTube account using the email that you are currently using or you can also create a new YouTube account from another email that you can create.

The next step, you have to prepare several supporting applications that can support your activities, especially when you are going to do live streaming. Because if you use a cellphone, playing games live streaming will be very easy to create your content. In addition, you also have to download the Youtube Creator Studio application to manage the contents of your channel, such as editing the title, description, thumbnail, tags and categories. You can also do analysis about your channel by using this application.

Use a Video Recorder Application

Video Recorder Application

This application is very important if you want to create content using a cellphone camera. In doing this activity, there are 2 options that you can make choices. First, you can use the default camera application for your cellphone. Usually, certain types of built-in camera applications are quite satisfying and can produce good photos and videos. But if you are not satisfied, you can use a third-party video recording application that you can download from Playstore, one of which Kabar Games recommends is Cinema FV-5, you can also download the lite version if you want to try it first.

Use the Video Editing Application

Video Editing Application

The video that you have produced still has to go through the editing process so that it is worthy of being included as YouTube content on your channel. You can also do video editing on your cellphone without difficulty, there are several video editing applications that Kabar Games recommends such as KineMaster, PowerDirector, VideoShow or VivaVideo. You can download everything for free from Playstore or you can also look for other recommendations in the article The best android & iOs video editing application 2019.

Use Screen Record Application

Record Screen Application

If you don’t want to do live streaming but want to make a gameplay video, you have to use a screen recording application or screen recorder so that all your game activities can be recorded properly before you later edit using a video editing application. For this, Kabar Games recommends the AZ Screen Recorder, Mobizen, NLL Screen Recorder or Game Screen Recorder Application. For certain types of cellphones, a built-in screen recording application has been provided that you can use too, so you don’t need to download again.

Use the Photo Editing Application

Photo Editing Application

What are photo editing apps for? Maybe you are currently questioning this. However, this application will be very useful when you are going to create channel art or YouTube cover images, besides that you will also use it to create video thumbnails. There are quite a number of photo editing applications that you can use, such as PicsArt and Photo Resizer, to change the thumbnail size. If you are looking for other recommendations, you can also read Kabar Games recommendations in the article Best android & iOs photo editing application 2019.

That’s the tutorial on how to become a gaming YouTuber, don’t forget to always follow the latest trends so that your content always sells. Never be afraid to experiment with content because sometimes this experiment can produce quite high view results. Stay tuned for the latest news and tutorials about games only at Kabar Games.