Cube TV: A Live Streaming Application for Gamers!

Cube TV: A Live Streaming Application for Gamers!

This May 2018, BIGO released their important product related to games. To be precise, on 21 May 2018, the Cube TV application was officially released by BIGO Technology LtD at Shangri-La, Jakarta. There was also an announcement about its release being spread to media sites on May 22, 2018.

BIGO Technology LtD has launched Cube TV which will provide many opportunities for gamers in Indonesia to compete in the eSports arena, aka become professionals. The presence of this application is an expansion strategy from BIGO. The focus of this application is around the games shopping center, live-stream mobile gaming, and also the eSports arena.

BIGO Special Night

The release of the Cube TV application was carried out when BIGO held Ramadhan celebrations in conjunction with local communities whose aim was to respect cultural differences. The release event is called BIGO Special Night. After the inauguration is carried out, BIGO plans to launch this live streaming application in the Southeast Asia region first, then launch it worldwide with several phases.

Advanced technology is in Cube TV which makes it promoted to have the advantage of high quality in real time video streaming with very short latency, as well as video image quality and also live streaming of 20M Full HD and 8M Blue Ray.

Reasons for the presence of Cube TV

BIGO Special Night

According to Aswin Atonie as Head of Global Marketing of Cube TV, a dynamic gaming environment is the idea behind this product. With such an environment, it is hoped that application users will have the opportunity to test their abilities and interact in the realm of the game arena.

In addition to the ideas behind the products that have been mentioned, this application was created to expand the scope of friendships of users and broaden their own discussion space. Aswin added that the shopping center feature in the application is focused on satisfying all the needs of players looking for game products and also a place to buy and sell to earn income.

Cube TV application managers hope to contribute to eSports events and increase the opportunities for Asian gamers to become professionals and be in a fun and healthy social environment.

Aswin again stated that in Indonesia, they had recruited several professional gamers in eSports, such as Afif, Rahmad, and also Michael Souw. However, the recruitment will not stop at just those three names because Cube TV wants to see many new names joining.

Cube TV Already Has 2 million Active Users

Cube TV Release Show

Apart from Aswin, James Wang as the Vice President of BIGO also stated his statement regarding BIGO LIVE and also Cube TV. He said that BIGO LIVE has grown rapidly, and is now used by more than 200 million users in more than 100 countries, such as the United States, Japan, and India.

BIGO LIVE has already generated revenues of up to 300 million USD in 2017, and from this income there have been profits for the company. There is an advantage for the company, because BIGO LIVE only needs 2-5% of paid users to get to the break even point, and also get development costs.

Regarding Cube TV, Wang is proud to announce its official release and hopes that the application will be able to expand further and also meet the needs of its users. He and his team have ambitious goals because before the official launch alone, there were already more than 2 million users using the application.

Prihal BIGO, Representatives of the Government of Indonesia who attended the event also spoke out. Teguh Arifiyadi as Head of the Sub-Directorate for Investigation and Enforcement of Kominfo expressed his pleasure to work with the company. He stated that BIGO through BIGO LIVE has become a good role model for the live-streaming industry in Indonesia and has helped the government set standards for live-streaming practices. BIGO is always proactive and ready to help, especially in upholding a positive internet, and fighting cyber crime.

Montoon x Cube TV collaboration

BIGO Releases Cube TV

Apart from the Indonesian government, Moonton as the publisher of Mobile Legends who is also BIGO’s partner, expressed his pleasure in partnering with this company. Caya Yan as the Operational Director of Mobile Legends stated that BIGO is an important partner for Moonton’s business. Through Cube TV, he hopes that Mobile Legends will be able to drive the growth of the gaming market in Indonesia, and from there the two companies will be able to benefit.

Thus the news about the release of Cube TV by BIGO. Just try it! Who knows, it will be of much use for you when you are active in the game world.