Answer Key Guess City Name on WhatsApp (WA)

Answer Key Guess City Name on WhatsApp (WA)

(X 3) What city is this? Salatiga! ” That is one form of guessing a funny guess that is busy circulating in the WA application. The guesswork contains the names of cities in Indonesia’s beloved country using WhatsApp as the medium, it’s a bit of a dime, but even though it sounds like change, this relaxing game is able to invite laughter for the reader, especially for those who don’t know the answer key.

Actually, this kind of guess is nothing new in the WhatsApp chat application. Previously there were some guesses that had appeared first. However, guessing the name of the city on WhatsApp (WA) can be an alternative entertainment that you can play with close friends (distant friends are also allowed).

To be able to answer these guesses you have to think outside the box. Because emoticons alone won’t help you, you have to think from an unusual side. So not infrequently people will be annoyed by guessing the name of the city on WhatsApp.

Guess this funny guess can be an alternative game for those of you who are struggling, lots of problems (motorbike installments, pans, BPJS) or just to unwind. Even though it looks light, it turns out that there are also many people who have difficulty answering it (including you, just admit it).

Well, for those of you who have difficulty answering, you should give your brain a break. After Kabar Games was kind enough to inform you of the answer key to guess the title of the film in WA, this time it was the turn to guess the name of the city on the WhatsApp application specifically for you, don’t share it!

Answer Key Guess City Name in WA

Level 1

Answer: Singaparna

Level 2

Answer: Sukabumi

Level 3

Answer: Lampung

Level 4

Answer: Probolinggo

Level 5

Answer: Surabaya

Level 6

Answer: Bengkulu

Level 7

Answer: Lombok

Level 8

Answer: Bali

Level 9

Answer: Malang

Level 10

Answer: Balikpapan

Answer Key Guess the WhatsApp City Name

Answer Key Guess the WhatsApp City Name

Level 11

Answer: Shove

Level 12

Answer: Jember

Level 13

Answer: Bintan

Level 14

Answer: Tasikmalaya

Level 15

Answer: Salatiga

Level 16

Answer: Surabaya

Level 17

Answer: Banyuwangi

Level 18

Answer: Pumpkin Hut

Level 19

Answer: Jambi

Level 20

Answer: Kalimalang

Level 21

Answer: Bekasi

Level 22

Answer: Sopeng

Level 23

Answer: Poso

Level 24

Answer: Polewali

Level 25

Answer: Tidore

Level 26

Answer: Hammer

Level 27

Answer: Madura

That is the answer to the game guessing the name of the city in the WA application which you can also play on a PC using WhatsApp Web. Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about gadgets, anime and other guessing game answer keys only at Kabar Games.