Alert!  WhatsApp Infiltrated by Spyware from Israel

Alert! WhatsApp Infiltrated by Spyware from Israel

A few days ago, application users chat popular WhatsApp was made worried about the issue spyware from Israel who can infiltrate via the WhatsApp chat feature. According to 9to5Mac’s presentation on Tuesday, May 14, 2019, spyware in question is made by an Israeli company called NSO Group, which infected via the WhatsApp phone feature on the Android and iOS versions.

Not much information can be obtained from the loopholes that attack an application chat this best. But what you need to watch out for is spyware this can still be infiltrated even if the incoming call is not answered. In fact, in some cases, missed phone calls can be lost from the call log, so WhatsApp users will not be aware of the call.

This attack is carried out by a private company that is known to be contracted by the government to deliver spyware that is said to take over the functions of the cell phone operating system. We have already informed a number of human rights organizations the information we know about so they can pass it on to other communities,“Said the WhatsApp representative in his statement.

Through this statement, WhatsApp representatives also could not confirm how many users were affected by this attack. As is well known, application users chat owned by Facebook has reached 1.5 billion users. Therefore, as a form of prevention, In its official announcement the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN) urges WhatsApp users to update to the latest version.

Mobile users with the Android operating system using WhatsApp version v2.19.134 and WhatsApp Business version v.2.19.44 to update the application to the latest version, as well as iPhone cellphone users using WhatsApp version v21.19.51 and WhatsApp Business version V.2.19 .51 to update the application to the latest version. For other types of cellphone users, details of application updates can be seen from the following infographic.

WA Spyware Israel chat application

In addition to calling on WhatsApp users to update the application, BSSN also stated that on May 13, 2019, Facebook had issued an appeal regarding the CVE-2019-3568 Remote Code Execution (RCE) security hole on the WhatsApp application.

“This security vulnerability allows an attacker to exploit the phone call function on WhatsApp to contact the target vulnerability and then perform a remote malware installation,” said BSSN, Thursday (15/5/2019).

“Always update other applications as well, because in general, updates include fixes for security issues that are very important to prevent exploitation of security holes in the applications we use,” BSSN message.

For information, Spyware is a software that has a function to monitor and spy on internet user activity. Meanwhile, the NSO Group is a company that manufactures spy tools like Pegasus and offers them to governments around the world as a tool to fight crime and terrorism.