9 Best Korean Drama (Drakor) Watch Applications in 2020

9 Best Korean Drama (Drakor) Watch Applications in 2020

South Korea is currently a country that develops their creative industry. Songs carried by their singers and known as K-Pop. The Korean music industry has also grown along with their film and drama industries. Hundreds of Korean dramas emerge every year and become hits and are watched by various people around the world, as well as online streaming applications to watch Drakor films.

Korean drama stories that are cute, interesting and have many choices make Korean fans more and more every day. But unfortunately in Indonesia there are no TV channels that broadcast dramas at the same time as in Korea, so you have to watch them online. Many choices of Korean drama watching applications (drakor) on Android are really good so you can enjoy your favorite Korean dramas.

Watching Korean dramas through an application is indeed more comfortable. By watching through an application that you can download on Playstore, you can save the drakor you like and watch it anywhere, or to waste time while you are waiting for something. This can also save you internet data. When there is wifi, you can download your shows. The following is the best online streaming application to watch Korean dramas recommended by Kabar Games.


This application provides various services ranging from downloading videos from Youtube to watching dramas online. You can watch various Korean drama genres, of course, with a wide selection of subtitles in various languages. The advantage of Snaptube is that all users can freely access all content without having to become a premium member. How to use this application is also very easy, you only need to open this application and then search for the drama you like with the help of keywords, or the URL of a site that provides your favorite drama. Download the Drakor watching application here.


Applications Watching Korean Drama kocowa

Kocowa is a premium streaming service that you might already use on your PC, but now you can also use Kocowa on your Android device. Kocowa has many interesting features. Even though some premium content can only be watched if you subscribe, there are still many choices of shows that can be enjoyed for free after a few hours of broadcast.

In addition, what makes this application interesting is that it can save the last place you watched, so you don’t have to wait long to continue watching your favorite Korean drama online. Most Korean drama watching applications (drakor) do not provide this feature so if you want to continue the unfinished Korean drama you have to fast forward manually to the last place you watched, so it’s not fun watching it. Download the Drakor watching application here.

Viki Rakuten

Applications Watch Korean Drama Viki Rakuten

For you drama lovers from the land of ginseng, you can use the Viki Rakuten application to watch your favorite dramas. With various subtitles in the language you want, the drama collection here is quite complete. Subtitles are available in more than 200 languages ​​to make it easier for users.

For those of you who love Asian TV programs, you can also watch shows from China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan. For those of you who don’t want to watch advertisements, you can become a premium member. Of course, the video quality provided is also better. Download the Drakor watching application here.



This application is a highly recommended choice of watching Asian dramas. You can watch Asian dramas and films with a fairly complete collection. You can also choose video quality options from SD to HD. Of course, you can download the video you want to watch. If you want more comfort, you can become a premium member. By becoming a member, you can watch dramas faster than other non-premium members. Download the Drakor watching application here.



For those of you who are heavy Korean drama lovers, you must have this application. In this application you will only find dramas with various genres. If there is a new drama episode, there will be a notification so you can immediately watch the drama. Of course, there are various subtitles from various languages ​​that you can choose from.


Watch Korean Drama Application TrueID TV

This application has many types of videos and you can watch dramas from Asia and America. You can also watch anime. The drama collection in this application is quite complete and you can watch and enjoy this drama for free without having to become a premium member. You can even list what dramas you will watch when you have a lot of free time. Download the Drakor watching application here.



OnDemandKorea is another popular streaming option that is already widely used by Korean drama lovers. Apart from being used on Android, you can also enjoy it on a PC or laptop. The app features tons of free content and new programs uploaded just hours after broadcast, giving you a great way to dig into conversation topics for your next language exchange. Download the Drakor watching application here.

Korean Drama & Movies

Korean Drama & Movies

Do you wish you had easy access to more than 100 Korean films and dramas for free? You can use this application you know! Korean Drama & Movies is a handy application that gives you easy access to programs from YouTube and the Daily Motion. But there are things you need to know that this video is uploaded directly by the user, so the subtitle options and image quality for each content can vary. You can also use the favorite feature to save later.


Netflix Korean Drama Watching Application

Ah, Netflix! You will never be short of Korean dramas (drakor) to watch on Netflix. Just search for “Korean dramas,” and you’ll have plenty of options here. This is an application that brings a lot of joy. You may be used to watching Netflix on a computer or smart TV, but you can watch it on an Android device as well.

The Netflix Android app offers all the great features you know. You can watch immediately, search for your favorite Korean drama collection, change subtitle options, and much more. In addition, the Netflix Android application can also sync with other devices. Download the Drakor watching application here.

Those are the reviews and recommendations for the best Korean drama (drakor) streaming application that makes you more comfortable when watching dramas online. Now you can watch the latest dramas in various places, especially when you are waiting for someone. Stay tuned for the latest developments regarding gadgets and games only at Kabar Games.