8 WhatsApp hidden features that are rarely known

8 WhatsApp hidden features that are rarely known

Of the many short message applications, perhaps WhatsApp is the application most used by billions of smartphone users around the world. WhatsApp is also one of the most popular applications in Indonesia. But do you know if there is a hidden WhatsApp feature that rarely people know, which maybe for most people is still a secret?

Because the concept is easy and practical, it makes many users feel at home for a long time using this application. Are you one of them? Let’s make your chatting experience more exciting with the following 8 hidden and secret features of WhatsApp.

Hiding the ‘Last Seen’

There are times when we don’t want to reply to any messages from someone’s WhatsApp. But because of the privacy settings on WhatsApp that make it easier for other users to see the last time we used WhatsApp.

However, if you feel annoyed, this hidden Whatsapp feature allows you to disable the Last Seen feature by opening it Settings> Account> Privacy , then select the Last Seen feature in the privacy sub menu. Lastly choose Nobody so that no one else can see the information on your WhatsApp.

Hide Message Alerts

whatsapp-read-receipts hidden feature

A blue tick or blue tick on the side of the message indicates that the incoming message has been read by the recipient. However, for some reason there are some users who don’t want other users to know if the message has been read. And it turns out that this hidden Whatsapp feature allows users to change this.

The trick is to open the menu Settings> Accounts> Privacy then scroll down until you find tab reads Read Receipts. Remove the check mark to deactivate it, unfortunately this trick can’t be used on WhatsApp Web guys.

Send Varied Text


The next hidden Whatsapp feature is that you can also change the letter shape of the messages to be sent. You can change it by formatting the text or customizing the letters, such as bold, italic and strikethrough text. Because WhatsApp does not provide these menus or buttons, certain tricks are needed in order to change the text of the message.

For example, if you want to bold it, use an asterisk

between the desired words. If you want to make it italic, use an underscore (_), and if you want the text in WhatsApp messages to have a scratch, use a tilde (~) between the words you want.

Marking Incoming Messages


The number of conversations and groups on WhatsApp makes us often forget where the important messages are in conversation. In order not to forget and end up losing the message, you can put a ‘star’ on the message.To do this, just touch the message and hold it for a few seconds and an asterisk will appear on the WhatsApp header beside “Delete”. If you want to see the message, you just have to touch the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, then select “Starred Messages

“. This WhatsApp hidden feature seems to be very useful.

Automatic Data Backup


To anticipate losing WhatsApp data due to various things, you can use the automatic backup feature. To activate this feature, go to the Settings menu, look for the tab that says Chat and Chat Backup. There are settings that can save conversation data to Google Drive in it. Sign in with a Gmail account, then you can set the application to automatically perform backups with a specific time option that you want.

Responding to the 'Drowning' Message

whatsapp_quotes_replies hidden features

Often because there are too many chat in the group, you sometimes forget which one to answer first. To do this, just long press the message, WhatsApp will bring up several icons, one of which is on the far left, an icon with an “arrow” image. Finally, just press once, WhatsApp will automatically quote the message you want to answer (comment on).

Turn off Automatic 'Downloads'

WhatsApp-media-auto-download hidden feature When you share a photo or media via WhatsApp, it will automatically download. This often makes data quota packets and internal memory run out quickly. To minimize it, in one of the hidden features of Whatsapp you can do the following, namely entering the menuSetting> Data usage


Then there will be a tab “Media Auto Download” which contains the automatic settings. There are three tabs, namely When using mobile data, When connected on WiFi, or When roaming. In each tab you can select any media that will be downloaded automatically or not downloaded at all.

Mention Friends in the Group

whatsapp-mention hidden feature

As with other applications, for example Twitter, WhatsApp also has a feature to mention friends in hidden chat groups. With this feature, users who join groups will be more alert when mentioning. Because this feature will still force the system to issue a notification alert, even though it’s in mute mode. This feature can only be used if the user adds the character “@” in the conversation field. After that, a row of contact names in the group will appear.

So, that was the hidden WhatsApp feature that has been a secret so far and maybe you don’t know yet, are you ready to try it? Don’t forget to share this article if you like it. Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about games, anime and gadgets only at Kabar Games!