8 Ways to Take Care of a Non-Removable Battery on the Hp

8 Ways to Take Care of a Non-Removable Battery on the Hp

If a few years ago the use of smartphone batteries was still dominated by removable batteries, the more smartphone manufacturers are increasingly using non-removable batteries here. There are many tips and ways to care for as well as considerations why manufacturers make smartphones with embedded (non-removable) batteries, for example making smartphones thinner in thickness so that they look cooler.

But the name is also a battery that cannot be removed and replaced at will, smartphone users with this type of battery have to keep the battery in good condition or it will cost a good deal for repairs. Don’t worry though. Here are 8 effective tips on how to care for the embedded (non-removable) battery in a smartphone that can be your guide.

Use Original Charger

When buying a smartphone, you will definitely get the original charger that came with the smartphone. Use the original charger to charge your smartphone. This is because the original charger has been adjusted by the smartphone manufacturer in order to charge the battery effectively.

However, if you are forced to use a non-factory-made charger, make sure the current received by the smartphone matches the current required by the smartphone with the implanted or non-removable battery.

Limit Power Bank Usage


Power bank is indeed a smartphone battery savior item when you are active outside the room or while traveling. However, it’s a good idea to use a power bank as needed because often the power delivered by the power bank to the smartphone does not match the power required by the battery which, if done too often, can damage your planted battery.

Battery Charge Before 20%

phone charging

Often allowing the smartphone battery to completely run out and then charging it is a bad habit that can affect the life of your smartphone’s battery. It is better if the smartphone battery has shown 20% or below so that the smartphone is immediately charged.

Avoid Over Charging


Even though many smartphones have the ability to cut off power when the battery reaches 100%, leaving the smartphone plugged into the charger after 100% will also make the battery last long and also heat up the cellphone quickly. If done for a long time, not only does it reduce the battery’s capacity drastically, but in some cases it also causes the implanted battery to explode.

Do not use the cellphone when in the case


This rule also applies to smartphones that have removable and replaceable batteries. It’s a good idea to refrain from using a smartphone that is being charged unless there are urgent things that must be done. Keeping operating the smartphone while it is being charged will make the charging process take longer and make the battery heat up quickly which can lead to damage to the implanted battery.

Game play wisely

playing game

If you are a person who likes to play mobile games, it is advisable to be wise in setting the time for playing games so as not to make implanted or non-removable smartphone batteries heat up easily and cause damage quickly. Playing games is not prohibited, but it’s good if you pause for a while when the built-in battery feels hot or limit yourself to just playing games for a few hours.

Don’t Charge The Battery Every Day

tips on how to care for Non-removable smartphone batteries - phone charging

Smartphone manufacturers usually make embedded or non-removable batteries that have a large capacity so that they last all day with normal use. To maintain battery life, especially if you can’t replace it if it’s damaged, it’s good to limit charging the battery to only once a day.

Turn on Wi-fi and GPS as needed

tips on how to care for Non-removable smartphone batteries - free-wifi

If you don’t need an internet connection, it’s better not to activate wi-fi. Likewise for GPS. This is because letting wi-fi and GPS remain active will make the smartphone battery work continuously and if it is done for a long time it will reduce the ability of your smartphone to plant the battery. Just turn on wi-fi and GPS as needed.

So, those are powerful tips on how to care for a smartphone with a built-in or non-removable battery that you can easily practice. Keep up with Kabar Games for more tips & tricks on using your smartphone. In addition, there are also updates on the latest gadget news and games to read, as well as reviews and various interesting tutorials.