8 Legendary Path Features & Unique Post-Close Facts

8 Legendary Path Features & Unique Post-Close Facts

September 2018 is a sad moment for Path users, because this social media manager officially announced that his service will be closed on October 18 2018. Many memories will be left for loyal users when Path officially closes. Among them are hero features and unique facts in this social media.

There are 6 features that are Path’s mainstay in attracting new users and protecting old users, namely visit profile notifications, sleep / wakeup, pathdaily, listening, reading and watching to, check in, and path talk.

Sleep and Wakeup

Sleep / wakeup is an adorable feature for Path users. When a user writes the status to go to sleep, he can be visited by an adorable sheep. This animal came after being sent by your Path friends. It functions like the like button on Instagram.

The more that send sheep via the send over the sheep button, the more sheep will surround your crescent. Not only the status go to sleep, the status I’m awake when I wake up is made adorable. However, it was not a sheep and a crescent moon, but a cute image that appeared randomly.

Visit Profile Notification

Profile visit notification

Visit profile notification was once a hot feature of Path when it first aired. Even though it was removed at the end of its life, this feature was very popular with its users who were often stalked by their friends on a daily basis. However, this feature is very unwelcome for users who like to stalk their friends’ daily lives.

Path Daily feature

Path Daily

Path daily is a hashtag that has a function unlike the status on other social media. If the status is written with the hashtag #pathdaily, it will be accompanied by a cool random image. It’s just that the hashtag Path daily often gets errors and annoys its users.

Listening, Reading and Watching

Listening, Reading and Watching

At the time of updating the status path, there is also a listening, reading, or watching to feature which is currently also on Facebook. This feature is a way for Path users to share their status details with their friends.

Check in Path feature

Check in

The Check in feature is one of Path’s main features as well. Users often use this feature to show where they are. However, lately, this feature is often deceptive because many use fake GPS.

Path Talk feature

Path Talk

Path has a messenger feature like Facebook Messenger which is named Path Talk. This feature is the most widely used by Indonesian users besides status updates.

Inner Circle feature

Inner Circle

Don’t want to display all or some friends’ posts on your Path time line? Features inner circle this is the solution. Besides that, for those of you who want prestige stalking people, this feature can be put to very good use.

Sticker Lucu Path

Cute Sticker Path

This one feature is shortcut which can be used for those of you who want to make a status or reply to comments, but are too lazy to type. Even though they are not as famous as Brown, Cony and Sally, these Path stickers are no less adorable.

Unique Facts of Path

Unique Facts of Path

Until Path closes, there are unique facts that accompany this social media trip. There were four unique facts that Kabar Games managed to find.

  • The path created by Dave Morin, Shawn Fanning, and Dustin Mierau was built through crowdfunding funds that raised US $ 8.5 million.
  • In Path’s social media journey from November 2010 to 18 October 2018, Indonesia will become part of this company as a shareholder, apart from being a user through the Bakrie Group’s investment of US $ 25 million.
  • The famous Repath is not a native feature of Path, but rather an initiation from its users.
  • Path founder Dave Morin stepped down from the CEO when the social media was bought by Daum Kakao in 2015. Dave Morin was a part of Facebook before releasing Path, which will die with its last 25 employees. His work on Facebook is Facebook Platform and Connect.

That’s the article about Path which is officially closing in a moment, share this article if you like its unique facts and features. Don’t forget to back up your data on Path via this link before 18 October 2018.