8 Latest Features for Instagram Stories in 2019, Cool Sis!

8 Latest Features for Instagram Stories in 2019, Cool Sis!

As one of the most popular social media today, Instagram continues to bring many updates. Including one of them is the latest Instagram Stories feature which continues to be equipped with various interesting abilities. Instagram Stories is a short video feature that will automatically be deleted after 24 hours.

Many Instagram users use Stories to share their daily stories rather than uploading many photos in one day. For those of you who are fond of using Instagram Stories, here are 8 of the latest Instagram Stories features that you should know.

Superzoom feature for Stories

Not only live features that get exciting updates, Instagram Stories also has a new feature called Superzoom. The new Instagram feature launched on Friday (27/10/2017) allows users to create Stories videos with a dramatic soap opera style with super cool background music.

How to use Superzoom

  • Open your Instagram and click the camera icon at the top left to start Instagram Stories
  • You will see the Superzoom option next to Boomerang
  • Select Superzoom and you will see a box indicating the area to zoom later
  • Start recording video with the Superzoom feature
  • Done!

Very easy, right? You can make Superzoom videos with any object, for example, your own face, friends and so on. The dramatic music also adds to the cuteness of this new Stories feature. The resulting video looks funny and dramatic. Users can save them for Stories, send Direct Messages to friends or download them and then upload them to their respective accounts.

Added Halloween Filters and Stickers

New Features on Instagram

Apart from Superzoom, Instagram Stories also gets face filters and stickers new unique and spooky Halloween themed. The scary filters in Stories will change your face into various ‘creepy’ figures, such as faces full of wounds like zombies, vampires, mysterious fog and so on. Apart from spooky filters, Instagram also brings Halloween stickers to make your Stories even more fun.

Upload Stories from a Mobile Browser


If previously if you wanted to create Stories then you had to do it through the application, now Instagram is bringing an update that allows users who don’t have the Instagram application to still be able to upload Stories! Now, Instagram users who use mobile browsers can also take photos with the camera or select photos from the gallery and then share them with Stories.

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The process is similar to when you want to post Stories from the Instagram application. What’s different is that the features available for Stories from this mobile browser are still very standard. There are only features to add text, no face filters, stickers, location tags and videos.

In the future, it is possible that all the Stories features in the Instagram application are also available in the mobile browser version of Stories. Currently, Instagram wants to see the response from the user before giving the full Stories feature to the mobile browser version.

Bookmark or Saved Features

insta Stories

Users of the Instagram application for iOS and Android have been exposed to this feature since 2016 and recently landed on the Instagram mobile browser. Instagram also presents a new storage feature for mobile browser users, namely bookmarks or Saved. With this feature, users can mark a post they like to be seen later. All marked collections of posts can be accessed again from the bookmark button at the top of the profile page.

Turn off Comment Columns

instagram stories setting

This feature is still relatively new to Instagram Stories. Now anyone can comment directly on the Instagram Stories that you upload. But if you feel uncomfortable and don’t want people to comment on uploaded Stories, you can disable the comment column!

The method is very easy! You can open Instagram first, then on your profile page click the three dot icon in the upper right corner, then select Story Settings then select an option Off on the menu Allow Message Replies. If you have disabled this function, then in the next Stories video there will be no column for writing comments and you can also re-activate this feature at any time in the same way above, only the difference is not choosing Off but Everybody

Saving Other People’s Instagram Stories


Have you ever wanted to save other people’s Instagram Stories, let`s say famous figures to favorite artists? If so, you need help from third-party applications so you can save other people’s Stories directly. You can download the Story Saver application for free on the Play Store.

When you run this application, you will be faced with a list of Instagram users who have Stories. Use the Search field to find other people’s Stories you want to download. After that there will be 3 options, namely Repost, Save and Share. If you want to download these Stories, please select the Save menu and voila! Videos and photos will be saved directly in your photo album.

View Instagram Stories from Desktop

chrome IG Stories

One more Stories update presented by Instagram is that users can see Stories from people who are followed on their desktop! So far, Stories can only be found on the Instagram application, but now you can log on to Instagram via your desktop and there will be Stories on the right under your profile photo.

To see these Stories is the same as when you want to see Stories in the Application. Just click on the Stories you want to view, then the uploaded photos or videos will appear on your desktop screen. This update makes it easier for users to view Stories not only through the application, but also via the desktop.

Duet on Instagram Live

New Features on Instagram

On (25/10/2017), Instagram presents the latest features for live streaming broadcast services, where now Instagram users can duet while live. This feature allows someone to invite their friends to broadcast live together, whether it’s for work or just for fun.

This feature is presented by Instagram because many people feel less confident if they have to live alone. With the presence of the duet feature on Instagram live, you can have fun with friends and live simultaneously. You can also change live friends whenever you want. In addition, you also have the option to leave the live broadcast when you want to change with other friends. When it’s over, you can discard or Discard the video or save it to Instagram Stories.

To find out whether an Instagram live is done alone or with friends, you can see the icon that appears on the Stories Bar. If there are two circles, that means your friend is both live together, and if only one circle means only live alone.

How to live together

  • You must first live on Instagram
  • When you have started a lot of friends and followers watching your live shows, you can choose which friends you want to invite to live together on Instagram
  • When inviting a friend, a two face icon will appear on the screen
  • Select the icon and then the name of the audience will appear that you can choose to be live with
  • If the friend wants to join, your smartphone screen will be split in two; one shows your screen, the other shows your friends who are also live

So that’s the latest Instagram Stories feature that can make you even cooler in 2019. Although Instagram focuses more on applications to display all the features it has, Instagram also brings many updates for its users who use mobile and desktop browsers to access its services. Have you tried the latest features of Instagram Stories above?