7 hidden features on Google Maps, there is a hack feature!

7 hidden features on Google Maps, there is a hack feature!

Since it was first released, Google Maps or what is known as digital maps has developed into an application that not only serves as directions, but also provides brief information about the location being seen, apart from the hidden Google Maps feature which we will discuss.

On the other hand, there are still many users who don’t know interesting facts in Google Maps that can be used other than as directions. Curious to know what are the hidden features on Google Maps, here’s an explanation.

Order Transportation Online

Through the update, Google Maps now comes with a more attractive appearance because Google Maps is now integrated with online transportation services such as GRAB and Go-Jek. This is intended to make it easier for users to determine where to pick up when using an online transportation application.

To be able to enjoy this feature directly, users simply open Google Maps and select their destination, then click “Direction” to see information on online transportation services on the far right of the tab. Even cooler if users can see the closest distance and online transportation rates to the destination location without having to leave the Google Maps application.

Save & Share Favorite Places

Google Maps

The next hidden feature of Google Maps is that users can list their favorite places such as restaurants, boutiques, malls and other places with different locations and share them with friends or relatives to be used as recommendations for them. Automatically they can get to that place easily. With this feature, users can mark certain places with lots of memories and want to be visited again.

Indoors Map

Google Maps

With an update to the Google Maps feature, Google claims more than 100 places in Indonesia have been mapped. Therefore, now users can explore and zoom in on the image on the map and see what is in the place, for example airports, hotels, museums and others.

Real-Time Commuter Line & Bus Schedules

Google Maps

In addition to online transportation, Google Maps users who prefer to use public transportation services can also feel the good impact because after being updated, Google Maps also provides real-time information about the arrival schedule of buses, Busways, MRT and others so that the trip can match the original schedule. .

In addition, Google Maps also provides information about the routes and costs that must be incurred in one trip. In order to be able to enjoy this google maps feature, the method that must be done by users is actually the same when ordering online transportation services, the only difference is the tab with the train symbol.

Real-Time Hustle Information

Google Maps

The next hidden Google Maps feature, which is this map, also provides information about the crowds of a place so that users don’t jostle each other during rush hour and avoid it.

This feature is perfect for users who like traveling because before leaving, we can first check which destinations are busy. This google maps feature also helps users not to spend too long when waiting in line or uncomfortable because of the crowd.

Save Maps Offline

Google Maps

After the update, Google Maps, which was previously only accessible online, is now also accessible offline. This is good news for those of you who like to travel and without knowing any reason suddenly the internet network is not reachable. Through this google maps feature, you can download a map of the place you’re going to and see it without having to worry about running out of quota.

Hack Feature (Android only)

Google Maps

The last google maps feature is actually not to invite users to become hackers but to find out what information is hot right from the main screen. The trick is to open Google Maps, swipe upwards, then you will see three tabs that are used to help find places such as the closest restaurant and find out what type of transportation is suitable and the route of the trip. Unfortunately, this feature is only available for Android-based smartphones.

So, those are some of the features of Google Maps that not many people know, even though they are hidden, now you already know, right? Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about games and gadgets only at Kabar Games.