6 Signs of Hp Affected by Viruses & Malware and Their Solutions

6 Signs of Hp Affected by Viruses & Malware and Their Solutions

As the number of smartphone users increases from year to year, the threat of viruses on smart phones increases rapidly. Hackers or cyber criminals often target Android users as their targets. Of course this is a threat to those of you who use cellphones to carry out various activities but do not know the signs or characteristics of an Android smartphone having been exposed to a virus.

So that your smartphone is always clean from malware, this time Kabar Games will inform you about the signs and characteristics of your Android cellphone that has been infected with a virus so you can immediately find solutions and ways to solve problems caused by viruses on your cellphone!

HP Restarts Alone

Are you busy playing the game, the smartphone suddenly restarts itself? It could be that this is due to a virus that attacks the Android system which makes your smartphone reboot by itself. It could also be because RAM is too small but made multitasking so that the internal memory is too full.

To avoid restarting your smartphone without your permission, it’s a good idea to scan your smartphone using an antivirus application that can be found for free on the Play Store, for example Avast, 360 Security, Avira Antivirus, AVG Antivirus and many others.

Wasteful of Data Quota

smartphone data quota

In today’s digital era, data quota is one of the important needs that allows you to stay connected even when you are outside the home. If you feel that your data usage quota runs out too quickly even though it’s only used appropriately, you should be suspicious about the cleanliness of your smartphone from viruses.

This is because viruses also often act in the background opening unnecessary applications or running them secretly, which makes your internet packages run out quickly in a short time.

The solution, you can check which applications use data quota by opening Settings> Data Usage. You can see which applications are consuming the most of your internet data plan. If you find a foreign application that is rarely used but has high data consumption, that is a sign that your cellphone has been infected with a virus, it’s good to uninstall the application directly.

Smartphones are draining battery

sign of HP infected with Virus - low-battery

One of the most obvious signs when a smartphone has a virus is wasteful battery usage even though you are not running many applications. This is related to the nature of the virus / malware which is always active in the background without the user being aware of it. There are many ways for viruses to manipulate your smartphone, for example showing advertisements, running unnecessary applications and so on that make smartphone batteries run out faster than usual.

The solution to checking this is to open Settings> Apps then look at the range of applications on your smartphone. If you find a foreign application that you don’t recognize and don’t think you’ve downloaded it, just uninstall it immediately without thinking.

Smartphones Become Slow

smartphone error

Next is what often happens, namely the decline in smartphone performance which is marked by frequent lag and the cellphone becomes slow, the screen sometimes freezes for too long when loading applications. You have to check if the internal memory is too full or there are heavy applications downloaded on the smartphone. If you don’t feel like you have things that make your smartphone slow down, you should be worried if your smartphone has a virus.

The solution, you can clear the cache in the applications on the smartphone to get rid of junk files that are burdensome for smartphone performance. The way is open Settings> Apps> Select Applications> Storage> Clear Cache.

Sending and Receiving Strange SMS

strange sms

One indication that a smartphone is infected with a virus is that it automatically sends strange sms to your contact list. If you have experienced something like this, never open the SMS because it could be a way for hackers to retrieve personal data such as banking data and social media. Phishing techniques that also occur a lot on desktops and e-mails should be aware of.

The solution, don’t open suspicious websites and download applications from third parties using apk which is usually inserted with malware. Also, if you use mobile banking, make sure to activate two-step authentication to prevent hackers from taking your banking data. Likewise with your social media and email.

Pop-up Ads Often Appear

sign of HP affected by Virus - android-malware

Some users may have seen this type of virus. For example, when you are not doing anything, a pop-up ad suddenly appears that fills your cellphone screen, for example on the home screen or other menus. This could be an indication that your android cellphone has been exposed to a virus.

The solution, never click on pop up ads that appear because that could be a way for hackers to access your important information. In addition, immediately scan your cellphone with Antivirus so that you can eliminate the existing viruses.

To protect your smartphone from virus or malware attacks, as much as possible avoid downloading applications from third parties with apk that are not necessarily clean. In addition, only use the Play Store to search for needed applications and do not visit sites that are generally hotbeds of viruses, such as adult sites, gambling and online poker.

So, those were the signs or characteristics of your Android Smartphone that you have been exposed to viruses and malware, don’t let your cellphone be infected. Keep up with Kabar Games to find out more about tips & tricks as well as interesting tutorials about smartphones.