6 Differences Between Gaming and Ordinary Mouse, Gamers Must Know!

6 Differences Between Gaming and Ordinary Mouse, Gamers Must Know!

For those of you who like to play PC games, of course, you must have a mouse. This gaming gear, if programmed properly, will be able to help you be more effective and aggressive when playing games. But there are still many who use ordinary cheap mice to play games and especially new gamers who are starting to glance at the excitement of using a gaming PC because they don’t know the difference with a gaming mouse.

For those of you who are not a real gamer, or are still in the stage of becoming a pro gamer, of course you are still confused about the difference between a gaming mouse and an ordinary mouse. Immediately, here are 6 differences between gaming mice and mice that you must know.

Dot Per Inch Resolution Rate

The first thing that differentiates a gaming mouse from a regular mouse is the Dot Per Inch (DPI) rate. DPI is a calculation of the movement of the cursor with respect to the distance resulting from mouse movement. The higher the DPI resolution level, the faster and more accurate it will be when moving the cursor.

A mouse with a high DPI resolution level will make it easy to play games that require a lot of click action like FPS games. Gaming mice usually have a resolution above 2000 DPI. Whereas for an ordinary mouse it has a resolution level of 800 – 1200 DPI.

Design and Technology

Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is designed with a striking design and pays attention so that it can attract gamers to buy, because just looking at it makes you want to have it right away. Besides being equipped with wireless and bluetooth technology, gaming mouse is also designed to follow the curve of the hand and make this mouse comfortable to use for a long time.

Apart from that, the gaming mouse also comes with a macro button that can be programmed as needed while playing games. While ordinary mice, although some have come with wireless technology, there are still many who use a USB cable connection with a standard design.

Additional Features and Effects

Gaming Mouse

Generally, the best gaming mice are equipped with various additional features to support gaming activities, for example, sensitivity which functions to improve mouse performance while in use, then on board memory to store various movements or moves in each game, with just one click of the saved game data. will be reused.

Finally, the LED sensor, its function is to help improve the quality of mouse movement speed. Meanwhile, an ordinary mouse is not equipped with cool features and additional buttons on the mouse that can make it easier for gamers to carry out their actions.

Mouse Ability

Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are designed really to meet the needs of gamers when playing games. So in terms of ability it is very different when compared to an ordinary mouse. If an ordinary mouse is only used to support activities when using a PC / laptop and there is nothing special it can do except for left or right clicks and the scroll button down. Another thing with a gaming mouse that comes with macro and keystroke features which are very important in making it easier for users to play games.

Special Keys

Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse comes with additional buttons to make it easy to play games. There are buttons whose function is to set DPI, perform back – next commands, triple click buttons and various other functions.

The gaming mouse is also equipped with an optical sensor feature which makes it more attractive because it can detect hand movements. With this feature, you don’t need to use the keyboard anymore. Whereas an ordinary mouse is only equipped with 3 buttons, namely 1 scroll button and 2 left and right click buttons which make you have to rely on the keyboard if the mouse is used to play games.

The price is more expensive

Gaming Mouse

Finally, gaming mice are sold at a higher price than ordinary mice because they come with a more modern design and control buttons that can be programmed according to gamer’s needs.

Usually, gaming mice produced by well-known manufacturers can be sold above 1 million per unit, while ordinary mice have the simplest design possible to facilitate operation and are sold at affordable prices, ranging from 30 thousand – hundreds of thousands of rupiah depending on the brand.

So, that was the difference between a gaming mouse and an ordinary mouse that you must know as a true gamer. Keep up with Kabar Games for more info about other cool gaming gear. There is also news on the latest games and gadgets every day, various reviews and tutorials to info about interesting game tournaments at home and abroad.