6 Causes of Hp Cannot be Cased & How to Overcome Them

6 Causes of Hp Cannot be Cased & How to Overcome Them

Do you often experience an old smartphone battery being charged even though it has been charged for a long time? WellGenerally, smartphone batteries will be fully charged if they have been charged for between one and two hours. If your smartphone or cellphone cannot be charged and requires a longer charging time, this could be a sign that there is a problem with your smartphone and it could be that the cause is from your Android itself.

If you experience this, you don’t need to replace the smartphone, first check carefully the cause. Don’t panic, Kabar Games has compiled a number of solutions, let’s go straight, here are 6 reasons why your cellphone can’t be charged and how to fix it below.

USB Cable Problem

The bad habit of most people is that they often fold, twist, curl, force the USB cable into the bag and so on, thus making the USB cable easily damaged. A damaged USB cable is a major factor in the slow pace of smartphones charging due to the slow electrical conductivity received by smartphones.

Another thing that can also make smartphones slow to charge is because the USB cable used is too old, so the quality when receiving electricity decreases. The solution is to replace the USB cable with a new one that is compatible with your smartphone.

Charging Source

smartphone charging

If you notice that the USB cable has no problem and have replaced it with a new one, the other cause could be the power source which may have a problem. Try to remember where you recharge the battery. If you charge a smartphone by plugging the USB cable from the smartphone to the laptop, it is certain that charging the smartphone battery will take a long time. It would be better if you plug the charger into the socket. If this solution does not work, it is possible that the cable is causing the problem.

Faulty Adapter

smartphone charging

Another factor that causes the smartphone battery to be slow to charge is due to a damaged adapter. Occasionally, electric surges, shocks or drops while using it cause the adapter to be damaged. Every cellphone brand has a different adapter shape. To keep the smartphone battery charged stably, try to keep using the charger that comes with your smartphone. If it breaks, buy a new charger from the same manufacturer that matches your smartphone. Avoid buying any adapter especially KW.

Smartphone factor


If it wasn’t for the previous things that caused your smartphone to charge slowly, try checking the condition of your smartphone. Usually older smartphones tend to take longer to charge the battery compared to the latest smartphones. This is because the smartphone charging speed depends on the processor the smartphone has. If there is a budget, you can buy a new smartphone equipped with the latest processor. But don’t be discouraged if you have an old smartphone, because fast battery charging is relative or not.

Usage Behavior


The bad habit of most people that is hard to get rid of is to keep using the smartphone while it is being charged. Some use it to play games, chat, BBM, LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook, and so on. This habit can make charging slow. This is because the smartphone screen has to work extra and requires a lot of power.

If you want the battery charging process to take place quickly, make sure the USB cable and charger power source and smartphone are in prime condition. Furthermore, don’t use the smartphone while it is being charged. If you need to change your smartphone mode to airplane mode, it is guaranteed that your smartphone battery will be charged faster.

Damaged battery

the cause of the cellphone cannot be charged the battery-bloating

The reason the cellphone cannot be charged is another which might slow down the smartphone battery charging process, namely the damaged and bloated smartphone battery. Sometimes this damage occurs because of a production defect or because of a long service life. It could also be because you use your smartphone too often while it is being charged.

That was the information about the cause of the cellphone not being charged and how to fix it so that sometimes it is difficult to be full even though it has been long been charged. Keep up with Kabar Games to be the first to know the latest news updates on the latest games, gadgets and tips and tricks for smartphones.