5 Ways to Take Care of Smartphone Batteries (Hp) for Gaming

5 Ways to Take Care of Smartphone Batteries (Hp) for Gaming

Apart from communication, nowadays smartphones are also often used to play games. Smartphone specifications continue to increase plus the number of interesting games from all genres that can be downloaded for free on the Play Store and App Store. Many gaming smartphone users have at least one game on their smartphone to play, but not many know how to care for their cellphone batteries.

Many people spend hours of their time playing games on smartphones. This then causes various problems on their cellphones. For those of you who like to play games via smartphones, here are 5 powerful tips on how to care for your cellphone battery so that it remains durable even though you are often used for gaming for hours.

Don’t Play Games While Charging

Many often forget the time when playing mobile games so many don’t realize that the battery is running low and needs to be charged as soon as possible. Generally, gamers will continue to play the game after plugging the smartphone into the charger, especially for those who play MOBA games that can’t be left behind while playing.

However, often playing a smartphone when it is being charged can damage the battery and smartphone screen quickly because the battery can overheat and the screen works extra when playing games when it is being charged. Therefore, you are expected not to force yourself to play games when the smartphone is in a charge! Pause for a moment and you can resume the game when the battery is fully charged.

Always Use Original Charger

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If your smartphone runs out of battery because it is used to play games, use only the original charger that came with the smartphone to charge your battery. This is because the default charger has been set in such a way as to suit the power needs of the smartphone. Don’t be tempted to use fake chargers or fake power banks because they can damage your smartphone.

Do not turn on the cellphone after total death

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If you do not heed the low battery capacity warning and continue playing games, chances are that your smartphone will suddenly shut down while you are playing games. Many people then try to charge the battery while turning it back on in hopes of getting back to gaming as soon as possible.

Don’t rush to turn on your smartphone if the cellphone has just been plugged in and the screen still says 1%. Your smartphone OS can fail to boot which makes the cellphone loop continuously and takes a long time to display the main screen. Let the smartphone charge at least 10% and then turn it back on.

Keep Smartphone Temperature


Mobile games nowadays come with high graphic quality, making smartphones have to work harder when you play these games. This makes the smartphone heat up faster than usual. Changes in smartphone temperature must be very noticeable when you play games because they are in direct contact with your hands.

If the smartphone feels hot, it’s good to stop playing the game for a while and let the smartphone cool down first. You can also stop all applications running in the background to reduce the workload of the smartphone processor so that the cellphone does not overheat easily.

Diligently Clean Cache

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Cache, which is junk files from mobile applications and games, needs to be cleaned frequently so as not to interfere with the RAM performance of your smartphone. Full RAM will reduce smartphone performance when used for gaming or just browsing. Delete the cache files in each application regularly so that RAM is fresher and can load games better.

So, those were effective tips on how to care for your cellphone battery to keep it durable even though you often use it for gaming. Keep up with Kabar Games for more info about games and smartphones. There is also news on the latest games and gadgets every day, various reviews and tutorials to info about interesting game tournaments at home and abroad.