5 Ways to Save RAM on Android & iOS Smartphones

5 Ways to Save RAM on Android & iOS Smartphones

As one of the needs that cannot be separated from daily activities, smartphone performance must of course be your concern. If your smartphone feels slower and hangs frequently, that doesn’t mean you have to rush to replace a new one. You can save on usage by checking first whether the RAM of your cellphone or smartphone is full or not.

RAM is very important for multitasking on a smartphone. If the RAM is full, you can be sure that the performance of your smartphone will decrease and become slow, lag, stuck to crash. Here are 5 surefire tips on how to save RAM for Android & iOS phones that you can try to improve the performance of your smartphone.

Disable Running Application

For some applications, even though they are no longer used, the application is still running in the background (running application) which often makes RAM full without you knowing it. The more applications that are still on in the background, the slower your smartphone will run.

The first tips for saving RAM and to prevent this, you can manually disable the running application by opening it Settings> Battery & Storage> Memory. You’ll find apps that are still running, and to disable them, select an option Stop.

Avoid Live Wallpapers and Widgets

live wallpaper

It’s not wrong if you want to make the smartphone display look cooler by using a Live Wallpaper or various widgets. But, did you know that excessive live wallpapers and widgets are one of the factors that make full RAM for things that are not that important. Besides being wasteful of RAM, this also makes smartphone batteries run out quickly.

Currently there are many cool wallpapers that can be used as smartphone wallpapers without draining RAM or battery. Also try to use widgets as needed, because this method is proven to save RAM usage on Android smartphones, after all, all applications can be found at Home.

Install Important Applications Only

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Full RAM can also be caused by too many installed applications. For those of you who have a flagship class smartphone that has 3 – 4 GB of RAM, installing lots of applications is certainly not a problem. But for those who have just 1 GB of RAM, it’s good one way to save RAM is to install only important applications. Don’t worry about installing it, which in the end is never used or rarely used and ends up only making RAM full because of trivial things.

The solution for how to save RAM, namely, check your smartphone now and see which applications are important, which are not and immediately uninstall useless applications to make space in RAM.

Remove Change Browser Application

How to Save browser RAM

If your smartphone has mediocre RAM, you can choose the option not to install social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube on your smartphone. As a substitute for saving, you can use the default browser or third-party browser to keep social media updates without burdening RAM.

Get in the habit of clearing cache

How to Save RAM clear-cache

Often forgotten, but cache data in the form of junk files can reduce smartphone performance if it is too much. Not only for RAM, regularly cleaning cache files can also save space in internal memory and this method often works. If the smartphone feels slow, but there aren’t many applications installed, it’s time for you to look at the cache files in each application.

How to clear cache is also very easy. Just open the menu Settings> Storage> Internal Memory> Apps. You will also be faced with all existing applications. Select the desired apps then select Clear Cache.

So, those were powerful tips on how to save RAM on an Android cellphone or smartphone. Keep up with Kabar Games for more interesting tutorials about smartphones and games. In addition, there is also the latest gadget news, news on games and national and international competitions, reviews and interesting tips & tricks.