5 Tips for Caring for & Cleaning the Hp Fingerprint Sensor to Be Durable

5 Tips for Caring for & Cleaning the Hp Fingerprint Sensor to Be Durable

Currently, fingerprint scanner technology or fingerprint sensors can not only be found on high-end smartphones, but also in mid-range to entry-level smartphones are equipped with this security feature. With a fingerprint sensor, the security of your smartphone is more guaranteed, especially if we are able to care for & clean it properly, because there is no need to enter a screen pin or pattern that can be guessed by other people. In addition, everyone has a different fingerprint, so no one can access your smartphone unless you have registered your fingerprint on the smartphone.

However, because you often use this sensor to unlock your smartphone, this fingerprint scanner panel also needs to be well cared for in order to keep it functioning optimally and lasting. Here are 3 effective tips on how to care for and clean your fingerprint sensor or smartphone fingerprint that you should know.

Don’t Use When Fingers Wet

Whether it’s due to sweat or exposure to water, make sure your fingers are dry when accessing the fingerprint panel of your smartphone. This is because the fingerprint panel is also an electronic device that is vulnerable to water because it can damage the sensor components in it quickly and make it no longer responsive.

Also, don’t use this fingerprint scanner when it’s raining. Even though many smartphones are equipped with waterproof features, as much as possible avoid using the sensor when it rains because there are gaps in the fingerprint sensor that can enter water when the sensor button is pressed.

Don’t Enroll Too Many Fingers

fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint scanner feature is made to increase smartphone security so that it cannot be accessed by unauthorized people. So it is only fitting if you only register your own fingerprints into your smartphone. Generally every smartphone with this feature can store up to five fingerprints.

However, the more fingers that are registered, the more smartphone memory is used to store data that is not important. We recommend that you register at most 2 fingers to avoid the fingerprint scanner not functioning optimally and consuming a lot of memory.

Store Smartphone Well

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Currently the position of the fingerprint sensor is placed in various positions. Some are on the back of the smartphone, some are on the side and also the front of the smartphone. But generally smartphone manufacturers place this fingerprint scanner sensor on the home button and the back below the main camera.

Because the fingerprint sensor is very important and must remain responsive in order to work properly, caring for and storing a smartphone so that this sensor does not rub against other objects that can make the surface scratched is a must. Avoid putting the smartphone in a pants pocket that is too tight, in a bag that contains many objects and avoid scratching the surface of the scanner on purpose.

Avoid Sharp Objects

avoid sharp objects when doing fingerprints

The fingerprint or fingerprint scan panel is indeed prone to scratches, especially when it is put in a pocket, so we have to be careful in caring for and cleaning it, one of the ways we have to separate the smartphone into a different pocket is a motorcycle key, coins, or objects. other hardware can increase the risk of scratching the fingerprint scan panel. In order to avoid the possibility of being scratched by sharp objects that could hinder the fingerprint scanning process due to the many scratches on the fingerprint panel.

Scratched fingerprint scanning panels also often occur when we carelessly put down the smartphone. because the fingerprint scan panel of each smartphone is different, some are on the back, some on the front are integrated with the home button, and some are located on the side of the smartphone. Therefore, we must be careful in maintaining or cleaning so that the fingerprint scan panel sensor is not scratched or damaged.

Do not scan fingers if they are dirty

Caring for the Fingerprint Sensor - Don't Scan Your Finger If It Is Dirty

Now, as we know, scanning the fingerprint or fingerprint sensor when the hand is dirty can also cause the fingerprint sensor to break quickly, so clean hands or fingers are one of the factors that make the sensor more durable. It’s nothing but no, if our hands or fingers are dirty then dirt will block the fingers when they want to be scanned. Better to clean your fingers first before scanning.

So, those were powerful tips on how to care for and clean the fingerprint sensor. Because the fingerprint scanner feature is actually made to increase the security of your smartphone device, so it’s better to use it wisely and be well cared for so that it can continue to function optimally. Keep up with Kabar Games for more interesting tips & tricks about smartphones. There is also news on the latest games and gadgets, various interesting tutorials and also reviews on various smartphone devices and gaming gear.