5 Reasons Why You Must Hide IP Address

5 Reasons Why You Must Hide IP Address

Currently the internet has become an important necessity for many people. Now everyone can search for anything via the internet, whether it’s schoolwork, cooking recipes, work matters, gaming tips and many others. But there are still few who care about smartphone security and maintain privacy online or hide IP addresses. This is what makes cybersecurity threats increasing.

For example, the emergence of malware and ransomware such as WannaCry and BadRabbit which took the world by storm. This should make you aware as a user to increase device security when browsing so that no sensitive data can be stolen by irresponsible people. Apart from using anti-virus, you can also hide your IP using a VPN for safer and more comfortable browsing activities. Here are 5 surefire reasons why you need to hide your IP address.

Prevent Tracking

Currently, free Wi-Fi is often found in various public places, for example in cafes, airports, restaurants, hotels and so on. There are many people who can track the searches you make while connected to the network.

For example, a wi-fi network manager who can sell your data to advertisers for sales purposes, there are also hackers who can secretly access your important information. Hiding your IP when using a public network can make you invisible so you are safe from dangerous things that might be lurking online using free wi-fi.

Hide Location


Only with an IP address and also ISP (Internet Service Provider) information, a person already has extensive access to your internet browsing history, so he can track your location in detail. This can be misused by the irresponsible person for his own benefit.

Avoid Ads


Your search history using the internet always leaves a cache that advertisers use to target you for products or services being sold based on your browsing habits. Ever wonder why suddenly the hotel you just saw can show information when you watch YouTube?

Now, by hiding your IP, your online activities will be invisible so that there is no activity that can be used as the basis for advertisers to display their ads wherever you are browsing using the internet.

Bypass Block Internet


Besides being able to feel safer when connected to the internet, hiding your IP address can also enable you to open websites that are blocked for certain reasons, for example containing elements of violence or pornography. You only need a VPN service to hide your IP.

Avoiding Digital Footprint


By hiding your IP address, you are preventing the creation of digital traces of online activities. This way you will remain anonymous while browsing various sites without leaving a trace. You can also access any site without having to fear interference from irresponsible parties.

By maintaining security during browsing, your device and personal data will be much safer from the hands of unauthorized people who are always trying to find cyber security holes to get prey

So, those are some reasons why you are obliged to keep your IP Address secret. Let’s become smarter and more literate internet users how to protect themselves from bad things that can attack when connected to the internet. Keep up with Kabar Games for updates on matters related to technology, gadgets and games.