5 parts of the cellphone that are easily damaged and how to care for them

5 parts of the cellphone that are easily damaged and how to care for them

Smartphones, which have now become an important item in everyday life, are equipped with various technologies to make it easier for their users. But nothing is perfect in this world, including smartphones. There are many cellphone parts or components contained in a smartphone that are vulnerable and easily damaged if the user is unable to maintain the smartphone properly.

Of the many components of smartphone makers, it turns out that there are 5 places that are very vulnerable, namely the screen, the corner of the smartphone frame, the charger plug, the home / power / volume button and the battery. The following are 5 parts of a smartphone or cellphone that are easily damaged and how to care for them.

Smartphone Screen Parts

Almost all the latest smartphones use a full touch screen without any physical buttons. This makes the screen play an important role in using a smartphone. Smartphone screens are made of glass that can be broken and less responsive if they fall, hit by hard objects, often rubbing against hard objects, for example, they are often placed in tight pants pockets so that the screen indirectly rubs against the material of the pants and spills water.

How to Take Care of a Smartphone Screen

The function of tempered glass is to protect the surface of the smartphone screen from dust and possible scratches which can make the screen unresponsive. Even though your smartphone is equipped with protection, for example Gorilla Glass, installing additional security in the form of tempered glass also doesn’t hurt, right!

If you think the protection provided by your smartphone maker is okay, it’s a good idea to use a flip cover for your smartphone to protect the screen from being hit by blunt objects, bumps and so on.

Smartphone Frame Angle


The frame is the outer part of the smartphone that is easily scratched, no matter whether your smartphone has an aluminum or plastic body. There are always things that are unexpected by us that make the edge of the smartphone frame scratched and peeled off.

How to Take Care of Hp Frame Angle

The bumper case here is a bumper case made of strong material so that in addition to protecting the sides of the smartphone frame from scratches, it also protects the condition of the cellphone if it accidentally falls, for example.

Jelly Case can also be a protection option for smartphones. Not only does it protect the corners of the smartphone frame, the jelly case will also protect the entire smartphone body from dirt and scratches from sharp objects. The price is cheap and comes in many color choices.

Charger Plug Section


The charger plug has a vital role for every smartphone as a source of electrical energy entering the battery. An important part of this smartphone can be damaged if you ‘plug – unplug’ the charger cable too often because you are used to charging your cellphone more than once a day. In addition, the inside of this plug has metal components that can be rusted and dirty so that it can affect the charging process or even make you unable to charge the battery at all.

How to take care of the charger plug

  • Do not enter the charger cable by force
  • Do not Use Incompatible Charger Cables
  • Keep HP From Liquid

Because if there is water that enters the charger plug it can cause rust and damage the smartphone as a whole. The exception is if your smartphone already has a dust and water resistant certificate

Home, Power and Volume buttons

Parts of the cellphone that are easily damaged button-smartphone

Although most smartphones consist of touch screens without physical buttons, there are still many cellphone products that still have a Home button on the front that functions for navigation and multitasking on smartphones. There are also Power and Volume buttons on the side of the smartphone. Physical buttons are also prone to damage due to the high frequency of use. These buttons are of course very important in operating a smartphone. So that it doesn’t get damaged.

How to take care of the Home, Power and Volume buttons

  • Don’t Press Too Strong

Every smartphone manufacturer has made these physical buttons responsive to pressure, so it’s normal to use these buttons so that they don’t break prematurely.

To protect the smartphone body as a whole use the Jelly Case, including physical buttons such as the Power and Volume buttons. Especially for those of you who often put your smartphone in your pants pocket or bag. This case serves to minimize button friction with blunt objects for a long time to keep it sensitive when used

Smartphone Battery Section

Cellphone parts that are easily damaged charge-smartphone

There is no need to discuss how important the battery is for smartphones. However, this component is also often damaged due to improper use or bad user behavior. For example, using a smartphone for excessive things when it is being charged, using a charger that is not the same voltage as needed so that it is overcharged.

How to Take Care of a Smartphone Battery

  • Always Use Original Charger
  • Don’t Use Smartphone While Charging
  • Turn off the Smartphone When Charging

So, those were effective tips on how to care for parts of your cell that are easily damaged, are you missing anything? Don’t forget to comment, so you can add Game News. Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about games and gadgets only at Kabar Games.