5 Correct & Safe Ways to Check Hp, Only 1/2 Hour!

5 Correct & Safe Ways to Check Hp, Only 1/2 Hour!

Android smartphones are still the smart phones of a million people because almost all smartphone brands use the Android operating system. The name smartphone is definitely sophisticated, including those using the Android OS. However, still sometimes there are problems, for example, how to charge or check the correct and safe cellphone how it should be.

Talking about charging problems, sometimes there are certain brands or after certain uses the charging can slow down. There are solutions per brand, and in general. Well, Kabar Games will discuss the tutorial in general, and here are some effective tips on how to charge your cellphone properly and safely so that it is full quickly.

Turn off the cellphone when charging

Usually the majority of smartphone users, including Android, turn on their cellphones when charging. Charging coupled with a running smartphone can slow down battery charging because charging is not optimal, plus damage to the battery because the battery heats up faster.

Charging the battery by turning off the cellphone can speed up battery charging, and this is one of the right ways to overcome the slow charging of an Android smartphone.

Replacing the Smartphone Battery

Replace Smartphone Battery

Sometimes, the slow charging of a smartphone is due to damage to the battery. One way to find out a damaged battery can be seen by looking at the battery body which usually looks and feels inflated. If so, the battery will need to be replaced. When choosing a battery, make sure to choose the original one to ensure its durability.

Charging to Direct Power Source

Charging to the socket

Charging using a power bank, PC, and laptop will take a long time to process. The problem is caused by the unstable electric current from these devices. Therefore, charging a smartphone to a direct power source, such as a socket, is the solution because the electric current in it is stable.

Changing Cables and or Chargers

Replace Cable or Charger

Problems with cables can make smartphone charging slow down. If this is the problem with the slowing down of battery charging, then you should immediately replace your charger cable. However, often the charger cable defects are not visible.

Therefore, in order to ensure that your charger cable has a problem, try charging with another cable that you feel is not a problem. If the cable has no problem, then it is necessary to check the charger which is the same way of checking the cable.

Changing the Android Version

How to Check HP - Change Android Version

The Android version can also be the cause of the slow charging of the smartphone. Usually the Android version used is not compatible with the technology from the smartphone. Changing the Android version to an older version will be better than updating the latest version which can damage the battery.

Those are the latest tips on how to charge (charge) the correct and safe cellphone so that it is full quickly. Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about games and gadgets only at Kabar Games.