5 characteristics of a damaged iPhone battery that you must know

5 characteristics of a damaged iPhone battery that you must know

Every smartphone battery has a lifespan that can experience shrinkage both in terms of quality and capabilities. This also applies to smartphone products from Apple, namely the iPhone. Although it is known to have high performance and sophisticated specifications, it does not mean that the iPhone battery cannot be damaged, therefore we must recognize its characteristics.

For those of you who rely on iOS smartphones to accompany daily activities, let’s first identify the following 5 characteristics of a damaged iPhone battery so you can replace or make repairs immediately.

Battery Inflated

The first thing that shows the iPhone battery is starting to fail is the condition of the battery that looks bloated in the middle. There are several generations of iPhones that often experience bloated batteries, which means the battery needs to be replaced soon. If you don’t replace it immediately, not only will the battery explode, your iPhone could catch fire.

If left for too long, another problem that will arise is damage to the LCD which requires a lot of money if you want to replace it. Therefore, if you see the iPhone battery has started to bulge, immediately replace it with a new battery!

More Wasteful Battery

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The next characteristic that shows the iPhone battery is getting damaged is the use of the battery that feels drained faster even though it only runs a few applications. For example, you use it from the morning and should charge it again in the afternoon, but it’s not been half a day of use.You have to recharge your iPhone again.

iPhone Often Shuts Down On Its Own

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The next characteristic is that the iPhone often turns itself off when it is being used even though the battery is still a lot. This could be due to damage to the battery indicator system or due to an unstable battery cell. If you don’t replace the iPhone battery immediately, it will cause damage to other components.

Another solution could be to do a calibration. But it must be remembered that the iPhone battery calibration is only to improve the accuracy of battery readings, not to repair a damaged battery. So if your iPhone battery is detected as damaged, replace it immediately!

Unstable Battery Power Voltage

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The source of the electricity received by the iPhone battery must be normal, which is in the range of 4 – 5V. If the received voltage is greater or lower than this, there is a problem with the device. It could be because of the iPhone battery itself or other parts related to charging devices such as IC Power and others.

The way you can see the amount of electric current your iPhone battery receives is to use an additional application called Battery Life which is available for free on the App Store.

Unreasonable Battery Percentage

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If you often see signs of an abnormal percentage drop, it could be because of damage to the battery. For example, your battery indicator is at 50% then you use it to play games, update status, browse, or something else. Suddenly the battery percentage dropped drastically to 30%. Then, when it’s about to be charged, the battery percentage immediately increases to 50%. This indicates something is wrong with your iPhone battery.

So, those are the characteristics of your iPhone smartphone battery that has started to break, if you find one or more of the signs above on your iOS battery, it’s a good idea to immediately replace the battery with a new one so that your iPhone can function optimally and not cause damage in other parts. Keep up with Kabar Games for the latest updates on gadgets, games and interesting tips & tricks about smartphones, reviews and tutorials.