5 Best Android PDF Editing Applications in 2020, Free!

5 Best Android PDF Editing Applications in 2020, Free!

One form of document that you often receive is PDF, with this PDF format the document will be tidier so that when printed there will be no change in size. However, sometimes you have to edit the contents of the PDF document. Indeed, you can first change the format from PDF to Word or Excel, but sometimes this is very inconvenient and the contents of the file in the form of images cannot be edited either through word or excel. However, you don’t need to worry, currently there are many of the best PDF file editing applications that can be used on Android.

With this application, you don’t need to open too many applications. With just one application, you can convert your PDF documents, so you no longer need to convert your PDF files to word or excel. Obviously easier and simpler right? Plus you don’t need a high specification Android phone to be able to use it, you just need to download this application for free via Playstore. Here are the 5 best PDF file editing applications that you must have on Android.

Foxit PDF Reader & Editor

If you are on the go and want to edit your PDF files quickly then you can use this one PDF editing application. You can view PDF files, add text and provide more protection to your PDF files. Here are the various features that you can get in this application.

The advantage of this application is its small size and light weight so it can be used on PCs or laptops that do not have high specifications. In addition, this application has been widely used in a professional manner so you no longer need to doubt its results and capabilities. Foxit can also connect to the cloud such as Google drive, Dropbox, One drive, Foxit Cloud reading and DropBox.

Foxit PDF Reader & Editor Features

  • Rename, move, copy and delete PDF files
  • Add stamps or signs to PDF files
  • Create barcodes for PDF files
  • Connect directly with Google drive, Dropbox, One drive, Foxit Cloud reading and DropBox

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Xodo Pdf Reader & Editor PDF Editing Application

Xodo PDF reader & editor android application is one of the most popular PDF editing applications. With this application you can process PDF files, such as changing text, adding text to PDF files and other activities. In addition, there are various features that you can enjoy in this application.

Xodo PDF Reader & Editor Features

  • Opens PDF files with a smoother view.
  • Write on PDF files, bold and underline.
  • Converts files to PDF and vice versa.
  • Merge separate PDF files, as well as split PDF files

PDF Reader – Sign, Edit & Share

PDF Reader - Sign, Edit & Share

The next PDF editing application is a PDF reader & editor. This application has the same main function as other PDF editing applications. You can directly edit the PDF file that you want to modify the document. Apart from that, you can also enjoy various interesting features.

PDF Reader Features – Sign, Edit & Share

  • Has speed in rendering PDF files
  • Can display files in horizontal or vertical
  • Provide a security password on PDF files
  • Color and opacity selection features
  • Support sequential scan & color adjustment of scan results
  • Export scans to PDF format
  • Process Batch feature to process images automatically

Adobe Fill & Sign

Adobe Fill & Sign

Next is the Adobe fill & sign application which can be your choice to fill out a PDF form. When you have to fill out a form in PDF format, you don’t need to change the format, you can directly edit the PDF file on your mobile. The following features in the Adobe sign & fill application:

Adobe Sign & Fill feature

  • Can create digital signatures using scratches on a smartphone.
  • Add signature scans to the form file
  • Connect directly with your email.

WPS Office

WPS Office

Maybe you already have this very popular application. Wps office PDF is already very skilled at processing various documents including PDF. Apart from editing PDF files, this application also supports other files, such as: PPT, DOCX, XLXS. Following are the Wps Office Application Features:

WPS Office features

  • Edit PDF files directly
  • Converts document format to PDF
  • Can connect to Google drive storage, Dropbox, Evernote and One drive.
  • Automatically save files to Online storage

That’s a review of the best PDF file editing applications that can help edit your various documents for free via your Android phone quickly and easily. Stay tuned for the latest developments in gadgets and games only at Kabar Games.