5 Android Applications to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

5 Android Applications to Overcome Smartphone Addiction

Overcoming addiction to Android phones seems to be a pretty tough challenge considering that currently smartphones have become one of the mandatory needs for many people due to the presence of various kinds of multipurpose applications. One day without using a smartphone, it feels like something is missing. Don’t let it be one day, one hour can’t be separated from the cellphone.

The presence of smartphones does provide many benefits for our lives, especially in accessing information and ease of communication. However, using cellphones too often is not good either. People who are addicted to smartphones tend not to pay too much attention to their surroundings because they are too cool with what they see. A person’s social value in socializing with other people also decreases.

Too often using a smartphone can also reduce a person’s productivity because they cannot focus on what is being done. For those of you who are starting to feel that their days are interrupted because they are often dependent on using smart phones, here are 5 Android applications that can overcome addiction to smartphones.


In the first place there is an application called Checky. By using the Checky application, users can count the number of times they have used and used a smartphone each day. You will be surprised at the results you get if you use your smartphone too often. So, with this application you can more easily limit your smartphone use every day so you don’t get addicted.


Offtime app

The second place is the Offtime application. Offtime is an application that helps users to focus more on real-world work. Offtime will free you from all kinds of annoying notifications that often enter smartphones. And you don’t need to check too often when a notification arrives so you can focus more on what is being done instead of checking your cellphone.

Quality Time

Quality Time app

The third place is the Quality Time application. By using this application, you can find out how many times you have accessed an application on a smartphone. Quality Time will present a detailed smartphone usage report. Starting from how often you use an Android cellphone, what applications are often opened and the amount of data quota that is consumed. Not only that, this application can also limit usage in accessing applications that are deemed less important and rarely used.


Smartphone addiction - forest app

The fourth place is the Forest application. Forest is a unique application. When activated, this application will record the length of time someone uses a smartphone in the form of a virtual tree. The way this application works is also very unique, if users don’t use a smartphone, the planted tree will get bigger, and vice versa, if you use a smartphone, the tree’s growth will be hampered.

If you don’t use your smartphone for a long time, the trees that are planted will eventually turn into forests. It turns out that this application is also unique and funny guys, besides of course it’s definitely really cool!

BreakFree Cell Phone Addiction

Smartphone Addiction - BreakFree Cell Phone Addiction app

In fifth place is the BreakFree Cell Phone Addiction application. This application will help users to reduce the frequency of using an Android cellphone. This application will measure how long you use the smartphone and if it is too long, this application will automatically disconnect the internet from the smartphone. Wow!

This application will also calculate how far a person is in smartphone addiction. BreakFree is also equipped with data and statistics that can be your reference to reduce addiction. The less frequently the user uses a smartphone, the lower the Addiction Score is obtained. Users can also check the Addiction Score within a day, week and month.

Those were the 5 best Android applications for overcoming smartphone addiction. The applications above can indeed help, but the most important thing to reduce addiction to using an Android cellphone is commitment. Keep up with Kabar Games for updates on the latest gadget news, games and also reviews on various gadgets and gaming gear.