4 Newest Gaming Gear Gamers Must Have in 2019

4 Newest Gaming Gear Gamers Must Have in 2019

Most gamers prioritize gaming gear in order to get a satisfying gaming experience. Therefore, not just accessories, this latest gaming gear is considered to have its own charm to improve quality and get maximum game results.

No Fluff Tech presents the latest gaming gear trend information for 2019. Specifically designed, the following 4 futuristic gaming gears illustrate the endless innovations of game developers with outstanding performance and of course prioritizing the comfort of gamers in the gaming arena. Come on, here is the latest Gaming Gear you must have in 2019!

Wireless Mouse Pad

The Wireless Mouse Pad is the perfect companion for various games with steady power and performance. This new Gaming Gear allows your mouse to never be short of energy and maximizes the function of moving the cursor quickly and accurately to various angles. Designed to be compatible with Qi Load Standard technology which allows wireless charging and fast charging.

Google OEM VR Headset

Google OEM VR Headset

Virtual Reality technology does offer an extraordinary experience in the gaming arena. This technology allows the interaction of graphic objects by prioritizing 3D or hologram visualization.

Therefore, Google OEM VR Headset can be a gaming gear option that you really have. With a fairly affordable price, because it is included in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) gadget category, this headset from Google also features Daydream-ready phone technology, where VR presentation can be enjoyed portably via mobile devices with the Android operating system. You only need to open the lid on the front of VR, insert your Android handset and activate VR mode.

Apart from presenting convenience, the Google OEM VR Headset also provides unlimited convenience for gamers. This device is very light and made with a soft cloth material. So you won’t feel tired easily and can stay in the game arena longer even if you use this headset continuously.

Hue X Razer

Hue X Razer

This latest gaming gear is certainly one of the most innovative and futuristic products. Hue x Razer makes your playing more lively and reactive where you can feel the entire ambient of your room reacting dynamically to all your movements in the game arena.

The Hue X Razer is not just a light show, this collaborative device by Philips Hue and gaming gear company Razer, provides a touching experience where gamers can more easily express every move to victory with every gameplay. Looking for a new fantasy? This gadget could be the best option!

ROG Spotlight

ROG Spotlight's Latest Gaming Gadgets

This one flagship gadget from ASUS, designed to add a luxurious touch to the settings of every game. You only need to stick it to a metal surface, and enjoy a colorful sensation with the lighting effects integrated with ASUS Aura Sync RGB. For more optimal results, don’t forget to sync with your other gaming gear. Get your own vibrant look!

So, those were the choices for the latest 2019 gaming gear which is currently in trend. Don’t call you a gamer if you don’t have one of the gaming gear above.