3 Ways to Overcome a Blurry Cellphone Camera, Definitely Sleek!

3 Ways to Overcome a Blurry Cellphone Camera, Definitely Sleek!

Camera resolution is now one of the considerations when buying a new smartphone. This is because the selfie and vlog trend continues to be popular not only in Indonesia, but also in the world. However, even if your smartphone is equipped with a high-resolution camera, due to some things your camera shots can look blurry. The most common causes of blurred cellphone cameras, namely, dust, scratched smartphone camera lens cover and dewy lenses.

If you are facing a problem with a smartphone camera that looks blurry when taking pictures or videos, here are easy tips on how to deal with a blurry cellphone or smartphone camera that you can try.

Use a bumper / silicon case

Although smartphones are usually equipped with a solid body, the rear camera can be exposed to many things that can cause scratches. For example, often putting smartphones in any place, often storing smartphones in tight pants pockets, in messy bags and so on.

To protect your smartphone as well as the camera lens free from scratches, wear a bumper case or silicon case to your smartphone device. In addition to making your smartphone look more stylish, your smartphone is much better protected from possible scratches on the camera lens or on the smartphone body. After all, there are currently many types of bumpers and silicon cases that are sold in various colors and at affordable prices. So there is no reason not to equip your smartphone with an additional case!

Clean the Hp Lens Cap

clean the smartphone camera

If the smartphone camera lens cover already has scratches, there are easy ways to get rid of these scratches. For information, these scratches are on the “oleophobic coating” which is not the camera lens so it is very safe to clean without damaging the smartphone camera itself. The way to get rid of scratches on the protective layer of this smartphone camera is to use toothpaste.

Take white toothpaste, then apply a little to the cover of the smartphone camera lens. After that, rub gently with a cotton bud. Remember not to put too much toothpaste so it doesn’t spill over to the back of the smartphone.

Use a cotton swab to spread the toothpaste on the camera lens then use a microfiber cloth or tissue that has been given a little water to clean the toothpaste so that nothing remains in the smartphone camera lens. Easy right?

Store Smartphone Well


Apart from scratches due to rubbing against sharp objects, such as table surfaces, dust is also one of the causes of smartphone camera blur. The entry of dust into the lens of the cellphone camera indicates that you are quite careless when placing your smartphone, especially in dusty places.

Also avoid placing the smartphone in a place that is too humid to avoid foggy lenses which can also make the photos blurry. The best way to prevent this is to store your smartphone properly to avoid scratches or dust getting into the smartphone camera lens.

So, those were powerful tips on how to deal with a blurry cellphone or smartphone camera. Because the camera is an important component in the camera and can help you capture many things in your daily activities, don’t let your smartphone camera get covered in dust or scratches! Keep up with Kabar Games for more tips & tricks regarding smartphones, updates on the latest games and gadget news and reviews on various gadgets and gaming gear.