17 Best Free PC Photo Editing Applications 2020

17 Best Free PC Photo Editing Applications 2020

Want to make your photo look more attractive than the original without having to spend some money or free? Don’t worry, in 2020 the sophistication of the digital world in terms of the best photo editing, especially on the PC platform, now allows you to make the appearance of photos or images more attractive. As a layman who has minimal knowledge of editing, especially editing photos, you will be amazed by the development of photo editing applications that are rife lately, especially on PC devices.

Maybe all this time you only know Adobe Photoshop as one of the best photo editing tools. Unfortunately, to be able to enjoy the features provided you must subscribe based on the service. And do you know if there is a photo editing application that you can use for free?

With these applications you can be creative as you like, and most importantly you don’t have to pay the slightest bit to use them. What are the best free PC photo editing applications 2020? Here are 17 free money photo editing applications you can install at will.

IES Draw Chasis

The first free software that offers a wide range of photo editing features such as drawing tools and paint with a wide range of coverage is Chasis Draw IES. Supported by other special effects and abilities, making this one free application worth trying.



Simple photo editing that doesn’t sacrifice your laptop or PC due to the weight of running the application, then fragment is the answer. This application is not as complex as the one in Photoshop, so opening this application is fairly fast and smooth.



Have you ever heard of this application? Of course not yet, this application can actually be categorized almost the same as the default paint feature of Windows, the difference is this software allows you to edit photos freely even with the simple features in the application. And the application you can download for free



Like free photo editing apps, GIMP is the answer. GIMP is an open source based application that you can use on Windows, Mac, and Linux. In terms of appearance, this application is fairly simple, making it easy to understand even for beginners. With simple editing features, it allows users to learn to customize the tools in the application, especially GIMP can process various types of image files.



This application is an update from the previous application, namely GIMP. With the same advantages as its predecessor, GIMSHOP offers features and features like those of Photoshop. Even so, this application is light enough to run on various PCs, including even older PCs.

Irfan View


Broadly speaking, this application is actually intended for viewing images, but this application also includes several features that you can use to edit photos, such as tweaking colors, clarifying photos, or simply adding text or watermarks.



Want Photoshop features with free access and open source based? You can make Krita a solution. Besides being able to edit photos, you can also use this application to draw. Because Krita was created with the main focus on digital painting. You could say Krita is Photoshop’s tough competitor, apart from being able to download it for free, this software also has a lot more features than phptpshop. Moreover, the brush feature is multifunctional and easy to use. Applications can also open Photoshop extension files in the form of .psd, you know.

Paint Net

paint net

If you want to use image manipulation software with capabilities above Microsoft Paint and not as complicated as Adobe Photoshop then Paint Net is worth trying. Even though it is light (under 10MB), but for the purposes of editing photos with optimization and adding interesting effects, this application answers these doubts.



The next free PC photo editing application is Photobie. Minimalist is the right word for this software. Why not, this free application offers many things, starting from its users being able to handle photo layers easily and supporting the Photoshop feature plugin in it.

Photo Filtre


Even though the application is more inclined towards retouching than conventional photo editing, this application still has photo editing features that are no less interesting, such as the photomask feature, which will provide a transparency effect, give artistic effects and so on.



Everyone knows this application, even though it is not supported by the layer feature, this application can add emojis or other characters in the photo as a sweetener, and the fun is that you can add effects to the photos that you are going to edit.

Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro

Photo Pos Pro is a photo editing application that is quite light to use, even on a PC with a pentium processor. Although the appearance is less modern, this application offers promising features. Such as selection options, color correction and so on.

Picture to Exe


You can download this lightweight application with a file size of only 3 MB. Actually Pictures to exe is software that is devoted to changing image formats such as jpg, gif, bmp into a single exe file or what is commonly called self running. Which is usually this software is widely used to create percentage files. But this software also includes photo editing features such as increasing color levels, or just giving effects to photos.

PixBuilder Studio

Pixbuilder Studio

Equipped with interesting features such as Layers concept, gradients and masks, multi-step undo and text layers, make PixBuilder Studio for you to download. This one software is indeed standard for improving photo quality, but with this application you can edit photos as you like without having to think about how much money you have to pay from this software.



Completing the line of free PC photo editing applications is the Pixl application. Yep, you must know this simple photo editing application. PIXLR Photo Editor is not only present on the PC platform, but you can enjoy this application for free on your smartphone, either Android or iPhone. As you already know, this photo editing application that comes from San Rafael, California offers several interesting effects and aspects such as crop, adjustment, contrast, rotate, which you can edit as you like.



Like playing frames and watermarks as part of your photo editing? then this application answers what you want. With photo editing options that you can access for free, you can also add various frame options in various variants.

Vintager 2

Vintager 2

From the name alone, we can conclude, this one application, is more inclined to edit the needs of old and ancient photos. This photo editing software offers more in terms of photo editing.

Those are the 17 photo editing applications that you can download on your PC and you can use them for free. Use the best possible features and according to what you want! Stay tuned for the latest and updated news about games, anime and gadgets only at Kabar Games. May be useful!