14 Free + Online Novel Reading Applications for Book Lovers

14 Free + Online Novel Reading Applications for Book Lovers

For most people, reading books is a fun hobby because it can add insight and knowledge. Currently, reading ebooks can not only be done by buying them at a bookstore first. Only armed with an Android smartphone, you can access and read many books and novels online for free through various applications.

For Ebook lovers, of the many Android apps out there, here are the recommendations for the best online novel reading application in 2020 for those of you who like to read books for free.


Even though it’s still relatively new, Cabaca already has many fans of its own and has been widely downloaded by novel fans. You can read for free here in the first three chapters after which you can pay for the novel with points called shells.

You can get these shells for free by commenting on each chapter you read, and you can exchange these shells for free novels that you can read on. So you can read while collecting shells to take on the next novel. If you want instant without having to bother you can buy it in the application, it’s easy.

Google Play Books


This book reading application is one of the Google applications that you can install for free via the Google Play Store. Even on some smartphones, this application is included in the default application that is already on Android without having to bother downloading it again.

Google Play Books provides a large selection of free and paid books that you can read. Especially for paid books, this application will provide a kind of brief preview of the book before you buy it. This application also allows users to read books that have been downloaded even though they are offline.

This Google Play Books novel application also has the ability to customize the font, text size and page color of the book to provide more comfort when reading ebooks, especially at night. The books available on Play Books are dominated by English books, but there are already several Indonesian publishers whose works can be found on Play Books!



This ebook reading application is very popular among book lovers. How not, there are lots of free books and novels that can be read directly from your smartphone screen. In addition, Wattpad also provides a platform for writers to write their own books or novels and publish them. There are so many genres to choose from, so it’s no wonder this application has received a lot of attention from ebook lovers around the world.

Not only books or novels in Indonesian, there are also ebooks from other languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be easily searched on Wattpad. in this novel reading application you can save your favorite books to read them any time, even when offline.

There is also a night mode which makes it easy for readers to read their favorite stories even at night. The stories on Wattpad are always fresh and new, so it’s always interesting to visit from time to time. No wonder this free application has been downloaded more than 50 million downloads on the Pay Store with millions of active readers.



GoodReads is one of the best online book and novel reading applications suitable for ebook lovers. In this application, there are 12 million ebooks that can be read, rated and reviewed. You can see books recommended by friends and acquaintances in your contacts.

In addition, there is a shelf feature where you can store a list of books you want to read. Another advantage is that GoodReads users can exchange information about ebooks that have been read with other members through reviews and rates in the application.

This GoodReads application also has a reading challenge feature that allows you to challenge yourself to read a lot of books per month while knowing what challenges your friends are also doing. There are also recommendation and barcode scans to make it easier for users to find ebooks they like.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Novel Reading Application

Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular free novel reading apps, not inferior to the aforementioned apps. There are tons of ebooks online that you can read in this application, including classic novels like Prid and Prejudice. Apart from that, Kindle is also connected to the library which is the closest location which allows you to borrow digital novels from the nearest library.

Kobo Books

Kobo Books

Kobo Books has been downloaded by more than 200,000 loyal users. In this very popular online novel application you can choose various types of books according to your preferences. You can also change the background to be brighter or dimmer so that you can be more comfortable reading the Ebook.

You can also share your favorite novels with your friends on social media too, so you can discuss with your friends about your favorite book stories.


Novel Spirit Reading Application

If you like fan fiction, then spirit is one of your top choices. In this application there are various kinds of fan fiction stories that are no less exciting than novels. What’s more interesting is this application can be accessed without internet, aka offline! It’s really suitable for those of you who are on a trip and the signal on your cellphone goes up and down. You can also become an author on this Spirit.



As the name implies, you can read various novel titles for free here with various genres such as horror, romance, mystery, fantasy and many more. NovelPlus’ color adjustment and layout selection features really help you to read more comfortably.

This application also allows you to be able to share on social media or connect one reader with another reader so that they can discuss the novel that is being read.


Webnovel Novel Reading Application

Having quite a lot of genre choices such as romance, mystery, fantasy and many more allows you to choose what will be your reading material in your spare time. Interestingly, this application, you can also read various comics with various genres for free, you know. So you don’t get bored when you read every day.



Aksamaraya developer collaborated with the National Library of Indonesia in making this application. Not only novels, you can get various kinds of books that are in the collections of the National Library. Books that can be read here can be accessed online and offline, you know, so if your quota is limited you can read offline after first selecting online. The options here are very diverse, short stories, novels and much more, which you can easily access here.


Inkitt Novel Reading Application

Inkitt provides many free novels in various genres that ebook lovers can enjoy. You can also read books on Inkitt offline, after choosing online first. For comfortable reading, Inkitt provides a feature to change the color of the novel’s background so that it can match your lighting when reading.

The Ancient Book

The ancient book

If you are a little bored with modern novels, you can try reading books of ancient literary works in the application The Ancient Book. There are quite a lot of ancient literature in this application such as the Anglo Saxon one. So if you are a literary lover, The Ancient Book is perfect for you.

Novel Nusantara

Novel Nusantara

This online novel application that has been widely accessed by ebook fans comes from Indonesia. The collection of novels here is also in Indonesian. The simple interface makes this application popular with many people, besides that Novel Nusantara has many features that make it easy for its users.


Nook has been downloaded by more than 10 million users on the PlayStore and provides more than 4 million online novels that you can access for free and will always be increasing every day. You can customize the appearance of the application, fonts, styles and other views that can be synchronized with other devices that you have. You can also read from the last page that you have read without having trouble finding the page that you have read.

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