12 Pros and Cons of SSD or HDD

12 Pros and Cons of SSD or HDD

With the rapid development of technology for computers / PCs and laptops, the use of storage media is no longer only focused on HDD (hard disk drives), but also uses SSD (Solid State Drive). Which SSD or HDD is better? In fact, both are both storage media, which distinguishes only the components in it; HDD uses a disc (disc) while SSD consists of a set of memory installed on the board.

Currently, many high end PCs, especially for gaming laptops, have embedded SSDs directly in their hardware components so you don’t have to bother buying additional devices. However, each device has advantages and disadvantages that can be taken into consideration when you want to buy one or even both to support productivity and gaming activities. Here is information about the advantages and disadvantages of SSD and HDD that you should know.

SSD advantages:

  • SSD is faster in terms of read and write speed, for example when opening heavy programs, when transferring files or searching for files
  • Windows SSD boot time is faster than HDD
  • When used, SSD does not make a sound because its component material only consists of a bunch of memory
  • SSD is much lighter than HDD
  • More efficient electricity
  • More resistant to shocks

Disadvantages of SSD:

  • The price is much more expensive than HDD. A 120GB SSD can be sold at prices in the range of 600 – 800 thousand. Meanwhile, with that much money you can get a 1TB HDD
  • The lifespan of SSDs is much shorter than HDDs because SSD read and write cycles are shorter than HDDs

Advantages of HDD:

  • The price is more affordable than SSD because around 800 – 1 million can get 1TB HDD from a well-known brand
  • The service life of HDD is much longer and more durable than SSD

Disadvantages of HDD:

  • When used, HDDs usually make a little noise because the components inside are rotating platters which of course make noise when used
  • It is easily damaged by shocks because the disc on the inside is sensitive to shocks

SSD or HDD For Gaming Laptop?

PC gaming

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of SSD or HDD, then the next question that inevitably arises is which one is better to use for a gaming PC / laptop, whether HDD or SSD? Well, here is an explanation for you.

  • For gaming, SSD only provides a faster loading time when compared to HDD. This is because HDD works using mechanics to retrieve and store data, while SSD uses electricity. However, for gaming, this increase is only felt when loading games, especially games that have a large world such as DOTA
  • If you need a large storage capacity and don’t really care about boot speed and have limited funds for storage problems, choose HDD
  • If you have more budget for storage and want a lighter laptop / PC performance, then SSD can be an option
  • If you are a true gamer who really appreciates time when playing games, SSD could be the right choice
  • In addition to speeding up loading, SSDs will also make your computer feel better and faster even though you are doing heavy tasks

Using an SSD or HDD does not mean that every game you play will not lag. This is because to play games it is not storage that plays a big role, but VGA or the graphics card used. SSD does help to load games faster, but when the game starts, all performance will be determined by the VGA used.

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