12 Free and Most Complete Software Download Sites 2020

12 Free and Most Complete Software Download Sites 2020

Software (software) is an important part when you want to use a computer. Because all the work that you will be working on, whether it’s creating documents, coding or just playing games, of course, involves some software.

For that, you definitely need the best software to make your work easier, whether it’s free or paid. So this time we will recommend 12 download sites software free and most comprehensive throughout 2020.

1. SoftPedia

First listed as a free software provider site is the Softpedia site. You can make this site that is well known throughout the universe to download free software for free. You don’t need to be afraid of having trouble accessing it, because SoftPedia is very easy to use with a pretty good site display.

Although site It has a high security level of around 93%, but you have to be careful using it. Because it does not rule out someone who inserts junkware, malware or other dangerous viruses that can slow down your computer’s performance. If necessary, you can use an antivirus so that nothing happens to harm you.

2. SourceForge


For those of you who don’t want to use pirated software, but don’t have more budget to buy paid software, you can make SourceForge an alternative. This site is quite complete, especially for the type of open source software that you can use download no license or free.

Even though it is open source, this site is guaranteed safe for your computer because it is free from hackers and dangerous viruses. SourceForge is also equipped with a detection feature which will notify you when the download link contains a virus or malware. So you don’t need to worry anymore.

3. Ninite


Ninite is the best software download site because of its undoubted security from viruses. You can calmly search for any software, without fear of dangerous viruses such as malware coming to your computer and infiltrating.

Apart from that, Ninite comes with a download manager that other sites don’t have. This download manager will make it easier for you to download software in one bundle, so the download process will be shorter. Even so, there is one thing that this site lacks, namely, the choice of software is still small and incomplete.

4. Shareware on Sale

Shareware on Sale

The choice as another best software download site fell to Sharewale on Sale. As the name implies, you will be offered a variety of software with massive discounts, promos and coupons to get your targeted software. Don’t worry about not being able to get the software you want because besides being paid, this full version PC software download site provides free software for a full year, you know. How? Interested in visiting?

5. Ipeenk Downloader

Ipeenk Downloader

We can be proud of this one software download site, because the fact is that Ipeenk Downloader is a software provider site from Indonesia. Through this site you can download various kinds of software, from free to paid ones.

But, what you need to pay attention to here is that there are viruses in the form of malware to adware that can hack the security of your device. You need to be careful when clicking on something there, because it will cause the dangerous virus to enter your computer and inevitably you have to face the risk.

6. FilePuma


Almost the same as FileHippo, you can use this site to find the most complete software with a database that is always updated. This site is also very easy to use for new users due to its simple and straightforward appearance.

Although there are actually a lot of software that can be downloaded directly on the developer’s site, FilePuma will still be the recommended choice for you. Besides being able to download lots of software in one place. This site also allows you to download the best software in a short time.

7. Giveaway Radar

Radar Giveaway

If the Sharewale on Sale site offers various kinds of discounts, here you will get more of the best deals when downloading the software. One of them is that you can hold your dream software for free according to luck.

The free download period is valid for only 24 hours on that day and the offers are not the same every day. If today you get such a discount, the next day it doesn’t mean you will get the same offer. Tips from Us, You must maintain this site so that you can have the best software without having to spend a budget.

8. FileHippo


FileHippo is a free software download site that looks very user-friendly. One of the advantages that you will find on this site is the ease of finding software, because it has been grouped based on their respective categories.

You can get thousands of the best software collections for free and of course are safe from viruses. In addition, this site is free of ad banners that can interfere with your activities while surfing for the necessary software. So what are you waiting for? Cus went straight to the scene!

9. Get into PC

Get into PC

Get into PC is one of the best software download sites favored by many people. On this site you will find many paid software which is usually a trial. So you can first use some software for free as a trial form. If you feel it is suitable, you will be directed to download it legally on this official site.

Don’t worry, besides being paid, you can also download lots of other software for free. As the name implies, this site can only be accessed via PC hardware, and cannot be used for mobile phones or tablets.

10. Steam


Game lovers must be familiar with this site. Moreover, the existing games are very complete and of course the best. Steam allows you to have a large collection of games from free to paid though. Often times, Steam holds discounted promos so that the price offered is almost 50% cheaper than the original price.

Unlike other sites, Steam stores all purchase data and other data on user accounts. So that when you reboot your PC, you don’t have to worry about losing important data.

11. Softonic


Have you ever heard of this one site? OK! So you see, Softonic is a free software download site that was founded in 1997 in Spain. This “old” site has its own advantages, namely the collection is super complete and available for Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows.

Its responsive interface and high level of security make it the choice of many people. Therefore, it is no wonder that this site is accessed by millions of visitors every day. Ayoo what are you waiting for? Directly download the software you want right now!

12. Brothersoft.com


Finally, there is the most legendary site, namely brothersoft. This site headquartered in Beijing, China provides various kinds of free software for windows that you can download for free. Not only that, you can also get software that is also available for Android, MacOS, iOS and even for operating systems like Linux too. Yes, the package is complete! Hihihi.

Thus we summarize the 12 most complete and free software download sites throughout 2020, still be careful when downloading software and good luck! Keep up with the latest news and updates about games and anime only at Kabar Games!