12 Cheap and Quality Gaming Keyboards in 2020

12 Cheap and Quality Gaming Keyboards in 2020

The gaming keyboard is one of the gaming accessories that a gamer must have. Not just an ordinary keyboard, a special keyboard for gaming is designed to pamper gamers when playing games, especially if the price is cheap and has high quality.

Usually this gaming keyboard has better resistance because it has to work hard when used to play games, is equipped with anti-ghosting features and cool LED lighting. Don’t worry, because currently there are many best and quality gaming keyboards at low prices that you can buy at affordable prices.

Here, Kabar Games has prepared recommendations for 12 cheap and best quality gaming keyboards in 2020 that you can buy even with a limited budget. For your information, the price listed is the market price for the keyboard when this article was written.

Cheap Gaming Keyboard Keyboard prices
NYK K-02 Rp. 100,000 – Rp. 130,000
R8 1822 Rp. 120,000 – Rp. 200,000
Imperion Sledgehammer 7 Rp. 130,000 – Rp. 170,000
NYK KR-101 RGB Rp. 145,000 – Rp. 180,000
Rexus K9D Rp. 150,000 – Rp. 180,000
Rexus Battlefire KX1 Rp. 200,000 – Rp. 250,000
Digital Alliance Black Ruby Rainbow Rp. 250,000 – Rp. 290,000
Sades Spearwolf Rp. 300,000 – Rp. 330,000
Sades Bladewolf Rp. 300,000 – Rp. 340,000
Vortex Series VX7 Rp. 390,000 – Rp. 420,000
Logitech G100S Rp. 400,000 – Rp. 450,000
Digital Alliance Mecha Warrior RGB Rp. 400,000 – Rp. 450,000

1. NYK KR-101 RGB

The first cheap gaming keyboard is the NYK KR-101 RGB which is made of full metal, charming RGB LED lights with 9 light combinations that can be selected according to taste. This keyboard is also equipped with 19 anti-ghosting keys, similar to those in premium gaming keyboards.

The price of this gaming keyboard is very affordable, around Rp. 145,000 per unit. Prices can vary in each e-commerce!

2.R8 1822

R8 1822

This gaming keyboard is quite unique because it has two attractive color variants; black and white. Made of quality ABS and stainless steel, this keyboard is waterproof and heat resistant.

This keyboard has 7 LED colors that make this keyboard look so charming. Price? Relax, the R8 1822 gaming keyboard is priced at a relatively cheap price in the range of Rp. 120,000 – Rp. 200,000 per unit.

3. Imperion Sledgehammer 7

Imperion Sledgehammer 7

This cheap gaming keyboard sells for one hundred thousand but can be said to have the best quality, features and design like a premium gaming keyboard. The keyboard, which is coated with stainless aluminum, is equipped with a cool LED backlight, 19 anti-ghosting keys, USB connection and spill-resistant features.

In addition, the letters and numbers on the Imperion Sledgehammer 7 keyboard keys are laser printed, so they will last a long time even when used. Price? Ranging between Rp. 130,000 – Rp. 170,000 per unit. Affordable, right?

4. NYK K-02

NYK K-02

This cheap gaming keyboard comes with an LED light, which can be adjusted as desired. The NYK K-02 keyboard looks a little striking with 8 orange detachable keycaps.

Even though the price is cheap, this gaming keyboard has strong durability and the cable is wrapped in cloth so that it is not easily damaged. Price? Ranging from Rp. 100 thousand per unit.

5. Rexus K9D

Rexus K9D - cheap gaming keyboard

Not only does it have superior performance and durability, this gaming keyboard has a very attractive appearance with 3-color LED lights. This light illuminates every key on this keyboard, you know! Rexus K9D is equipped with 19 anti-ghosting buttons, you know! What’s cool is that this keyboard is made of metal and can last up to 5 million times a button press. This cool but cheap gaming keyboard is only sold for around Rp. 150 thousand per unit.

6. Digital Alliance Black Ruby Rainbow

Digital Alliance Black Ruby Rainbow

Don’t immediately think that the Digital Alliance gaming keyboard must be expensive, huh. This is because this gaming keyboard is still in the affordable category even for gamers with limited budgets. This high-quality membrane-type gaming keyboard from Digital Alliance comes with RGB LED lights with beautiful color choices. The price is only around Rp. 250 thousand, you know!

7. Rexus Battlefire KX1

Rexus Battlefire KX1 - cheap gaming keyboard

This gaming keyboard is equipped with 26 anti-ghosting keys, you know! In addition, this keyboard is also made of the best aluminum so that its durability is not in doubt. Rexus Battlefire KX1 is also equipped with an LED light on each button and can last up to 5 million presses on each button. The price of this gaming keyboard is still cheap, only around Rp. 200 thousand – Rp. 250 thousand per unit.

8. Sades Spearwolf

Sades Spearwolf

This semi-mechanical gaming keyboard features 19 anti-ghosting keys with cool RGB LED backlight support. Comes with an ergonomic design, Sades Spearwolf is designed to make gamers comfortable when playing games with the help of buttons on the keyboard. The price is quite affordable, around Rp. 300 thousand per unit.

9. Vortex Series VX7

Vortex Series VX7

This mechanical gaming keyboard from Vortex is suitable to be one of the mainstay gaming accessories for every gamer who has a limited budget to buy gaming gear. Comes with cool RGB lights and a capable keyboard quality, the Vortex Series VX7 is also equipped with full keys anti-ghosting features, you know! The price is around Rp. 390 thousand per unit.

10. Sades Bladewolf

Sades Bladewolf - cheap gaming keyboard

This rubber dome gaming keyboard from Sades also deserves a glance, you know! Comes with a Sound Sensor feature, this gaming keyboard is also equipped with an anti-ghosting button. The cool thing is, Sades Bladewolf comes with 9 RGB modes and LED Backlight that you can choose as you wish. The price is only around Rp. 300 thousand per unit.

11. Logitech G100S

Logitech G100S - the inexpensive gaming keyboard

Surely you already know that Logitech is one of the gaming gear brands whose quality doesn’t need to be doubted. Well, this Logitech G100S is a gaming package that is just right for even beginners and pro gamers. The Logitech gaming gear package consisting of a gaming keyboard and cool gaming mouse certainly comes with premium quality and performance. However, this gaming keyboard is not equipped with RGB backlit, huh! The price is affordable, around Rp. 400 thousand only.

12. Digital Alliance Mecha Warrior RGB

Digital Alliance Mecha Warrior RGB

Finally, there is a gaming keyboard from the Digital Alliance which has many cool features, such as mechanical buttons, waterproof splash, 10 effect options for RGB and many others. The price is only around Rp. 400 thousand, you know!

So, those are the recommendations for 12 cheap and best quality gaming keyboards in 2020. Which one do you like the most? Before that, don’t forget to read tips on choosing the best gaming keyboard!