12 Benefits of Root HP, Strengths & Weaknesses on Android

12 Benefits of Root HP, Strengths & Weaknesses on Android

For you Android smartphone users, have you ever heard of the term root, right? The meaning of root here is to give ‘super user’ access to the user to enter the system. The term, gives you higher access rights to change the Android system on your smartphone. Android itself is developed with open source, which means that even general users can make modifications, from the appearance to the smartphone’s working system.

Many Android users do this rooting process, but many don’t dare to do it for many reasons. So that you don’t get confused, here is Kabar Games outlining 6 benefits consisting of advantages, advantages, disadvantages and disadvantages of rooting an Android cellphone that you need to know.

Advantages of Root Android Hp

Smartphones Are More Speeding

By rooting, you can overclock your Android or optimize hardware performance so that it can run all applications quickly. There are many applications that you can use to Overclock and Underclock your smartphone, such as SetCPU.

Install Unlimited Game Applications

With root, you have many opportunities to install applications and games that previously could not be downloaded. There are many cool apps and games that require users to use a rooted device. HD or 3D games that previously could not be downloaded can be downloaded easily after your Android is rooted.

Remove Default Applications

On every Android smartphone, there are usually built-in applications or bloatware that you rarely use or don’t even use at all. Generally, the default application from this smartphone manufacturer cannot be deleted and cannot be disabled, thus making the internal memory full. By rooting, you can delete all unwanted default applications or move them to an SD card so that the internal memory of your smartphone is more spacious and the performance of your cellphone can be lighter and faster.

Can be Custom ROM

Android smartphones usually have a display that is not very varied. But by rooting you can make your Android look different from the others. With a Custom ROM, your Android appearance can be cooler, there are many unique features that can be added so that your Android can look more personal. There are many Custom ROM options that you can download after the smartphone is rooted.

Save more battery

By rooting, you can do a number of things that can make your cellphone battery last longer. One of them can be by calibrating the battery using certain applications. This can save up to 2 times the smartphone battery, provided you use it normally.

Can Block Ads

When playing games, there are usually pop up ads that are often annoying. After your Android smartphone is rooted, the advantage is that you can install third-party applications to block ads, such as AdBlock Plus and AdFree, which require users to root first.

Lack of rooting an Android cellphone


Eliminates Warranty

Root Android means you are doing overhaul or customization of the Android system. If after rooting your smartphone is damaged or requires service, the warranty provided by the manufacturer will be forfeited because you have made an overhaul of the operating system. So the loss, cellphone manufacturers will not be responsible for damage to components or smartphone systems that have been rooted.

Not Receiving Latest OS Upgrade

The Android system always releases the latest OS which has many additional features to meet user needs. Rooted Android smartphones will not get the latest OS updates automatically because the system on your smartphone has not been modified by the developer. This is one of the disadvantages after the cellphone is rooted because usually every OS update has an update that is important to support smartphone performance and security.

Susceptible to Viruses

Rooted smartphones are more susceptible to viruses because users have allowed applications outside the Play Store to be installed on smartphones. Many applications outside the Play Store are inserted with malware and can infect your smartphone. However, you can prevent this by not downloading games and applications outside the Play Store and installing an antivirus on your smartphone.

Game Applications Often Error

Although you can download any application and games after rooting, one of the disadvantages of the rooting process is the possibility of errors when opening applications or playing games. For example, games can suddenly close by themselves, inaccessible Play Store and so on. The solution, you have to un-root the smartphone and reinstall the applications and games that were error earlier.

Smartphone Heat Fast

Because smartphone performance is faster after being rooted, the impact is that the cellphone feels hot quickly because of too high optimization. This can happen because you optimize the performance of the CPU, RAM and battery so that the smartphone heats up quickly. If it often happens, it will shorten the life of the cellphone. The solution, stop activities if your smartphone is too hot.

System and Hardware Damage

One of the biggest risks of root Android is system and hardware damage that makes the smartphone completely damaged. There are several things that can happen. Bootloop or total death can occur if the root process suddenly stops halfway. The solution is you have to install a new Android system according to the one used before.

It can also result in many smartphone functions not working, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi not being activated or the camera failing to function. In addition, smartphones often restart themselves and the worst is hardbrick, which means that the cellphone is completely dead and cannot be turned on again.

Those were 12 advantages and disadvantages of root Android that you must know. In essence, you must understand how to root properly and in accordance with the smartphone used. There are many developer forums that provide complete step-by-step guides on how to and the benefits of the correct cellphone root plus the appropriate tools. Find more interesting information about Android, iOS and games only at Kabar Games.