11 of the stupidest & most stupid apps in 2020, the news game version

11 of the stupidest & most stupid apps in 2020, the news game version

It is said that the function of education is to educate stupid people, but in fact there are still strange humans (developers to be precise) who create the dumbest applications. Worse, many applications (which according to most people are stupid) inhabit Playstore and the number is not only one, but dozens. I don’t know on what basis the application was created, what is clear is that this application manages to make people who try it look stupid.

If you are bored with mainstream applications and want to look stupid, there is nothing wrong with seeing and trying the stupid application that Kabar Games reviews below. Honestly, this unfaedah, super weird, and obscure application will make you think hard about why they were created and it must look like the world’s stupidest to play it.

Ghost Detector

This kind of useful application is not something new that you can easily find in Playstore. There are many kinds, one of them is Ghost Detector. This app is considered the dumbest app because it doesn’t make any sense. How could a ghost who is actually an astral creature be detected just by using an application.

To be honest, the presence of such an application with such a large number of users proves that our society is still not smart. Think about it, this application claims to be able to find out many things related to the world of hauntings, from the location, the distance the spirits are around, status, color, to the type of ghost. And strangely many people believe that. It is suspected that this application is just a trick for the developer to reap profits. The reason is, when using this application users complain about the number of advertisements that appear.

I Am Rich

I Am Rich? Yep, you read that right. When you find this application on the Playstore or App Store, you might think that you will get rich instantly, but the fact is not. This application made by developer Harsh Savergaonkar is really useless at all.

How not, when you first open this application you will only be presented with an image of a shining red diamond, with a white button in the lower right corner. Which when pressed, this button will display the message “I’m rich, I’m deserve it. I’m good, healthy and successful. “

Apart from that, there is nothing else you can do, even just to play with these diamonds. It looks like the game developer deliberately made this stupid application to reap huge profits. The reason is, this useless application is priced at a fantastic price of USD 1000, and the funny thing is that there are only people who buy it.

So far the application has been downloaded 50 times, you can imagine how much profit the rogue developer has pocketed. Like not stupid huh!


Most Stupid Application - Confession

As we have discussed above, most developers who create strange applications are only targeting to find coffers of money, including this one useful application. Confession is a religious application designed to facilitate those who wish to confess their sins.

Surprisingly, every user who wants to confess is required to pay a certain amount of money to the developer of this application via a credit card. And after that money comes in, your sins will be forgiven. How do you do it? Can you please explain the meaning again?

Hodor Keyboard

hodor keyboard

The next application that falls into the stupid app category on the Play Store is Hodor Keyboard. Unlike other keyboard applications that make it easier for you to type and type, this application will actually make you annoyed. Because this application can only type one word, namely “Hodor” without any other options.

If you don’t want to lose and look stupid, you shouldn’t have to download this application. The reason is, you will be charged a fee of USD 1 for just downloading this stupid application. Really a very expensive price for this kind of annoying application.



Send Me to Heaven (SMTH) is not the right application to inhabit your cellphone. Besides being useless, this application is also very risky because it can put your cellphone in danger. If you were asked to throw your cellphone in the air to just note the altitude would you be willing to do it?

That’s how this application works, you will be asked to throw the cellphone as high as possible then this application will record the altitude. Besides that, SMTH will also give you a score on each throw, where the higher the cellphone you throw the higher the score you will get. It must be stupid for people to want to do this, right?



If you feel annoyed and want to go to ASU after downloading this application it means you are still normal. If you delete it immediately? You are much more normal than the first one. Why is that? what’s in it? NOTHING! No, nothing. When you open this application, you will only see the words “Nothing” in the middle of a gray background that appears on the screen. There are no buttons or menus other than writing Nothing which yields nothing. It’s ASU!

Portable Fan

Portable Fan

Can you believe it if someone says your cellphone can let out the wind like a fan? If so, please download the Pocket Fan application. The quirky application by Holy Coder offers a portable fan that is said to be able to blow out winds haqiqi.

Even though it sounds ridiculous, this application manages to make its users look stupid after downloading it. In practice, users are faced with the option to try the fan by facing the phone which is already filled with fan images towards the face. After that press the on button to turn it on, and what happens? Please try it for yourself.



If you want to damage your cellphone quickly then download this application. This application made by Dmitsoft offers a hammer simulation that can be used to break or fix something. By opening the application, you can see an image of the hammer accompanied by options to adjust the strength of the hammer, starting from Power 1 to Power 6. After that, you can immediately try to hit your cellphone against hard objects.

Umbrella Open Sound

Umbrella Open Sound

Umbrella Open Sound is also the strangest application, not because of the sound of the umbrellas, but because of its stupid gameplay. As the name implies, this application is only intended to listen to the sound of an open umbrella. This game only provides options to adjust the size of the umbrella sound from the lowest to the highest.

Yo application

Most Stupid App - yo

At first glance there is nothing strange about the name of the application, but after trying it you will be annoyed to death. Why not, this chat application called ‘Yo’ was deliberately created by a developer to send a short message containing the word ‘Yo’ to other users.

It is not clear what the purpose of this application was created, obviously no one would have thought that the application developed by someone named Or Arbel could attract more than 1 million users. The bastard again, from this world-stupid application the developer managed to get fresh funds of US $ 1 million or nearly reached Rp 12 billion from a number of investors. Unbelieveable!

There is No Game

The Most Stupid App - There is No Game

Maybe among the other applications that we have discussed above, the gameplay of the There is No Game application is the most annoying. Just imagine, where else can you find a game in which there is no game. Really too much right? When you open this application, you will be shown a black screen that says “not loading”. After waiting for a while, a narrator’s voice will appear explaining that there is absolutely no game in this game. You’re BEGO!

That’s a list of the dumbest and dumbest apps that aren’t clear for what they were made of. You can just read it without installing it, but if you are curious you can try it. Better not, just know it before you annoy him.

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