10 Ways to Overcome Slow Hp and Its Causes

10 Ways to Overcome Slow Hp and Its Causes

For many people, smartphones can be very important to support various activities, for example working, playing games and so on. Due to usage and various other factors, the performance of an Android smartphone can decrease and seem slow. Before feeling annoyed and rushing to replace a new smartphone, here is information about the causes and ways to deal with a slow cellphone that you should know.

Before reading further, you must first know the type of your smartphone, because how to deal with a slow cellphone and its causes can vary greatly depending on the type of Android smartphone you have.

Causes of Slow Hp

Internal Memory and Full RAM

The capacity of internal memory and RAM varies from smartphone to smartphone, this is one of the most frequent causes of slow cell phones. Internal memory and full RAM can drastically decrease the capabilities of your Android. Applications can freeze and do not smoothly navigate. Apart from applications and games, personal files such as videos and photos can also make the smartphone’s internal memory full.

Many Applications Running

The number of battery-draining applications installed on smartphones that make Android RAM full and cannot provide space for the smartphone system itself is one of the causes of cellphones often being slow. In addition, there are many applications running in the background that are sometimes not realized, such as antivirus, Wi-Fi, GPS and even many social media applications that can be active in the background without having to open them first.

Stacking Cache

Cache or better known as “junk files” will continue to grow when you open and run applications on the smartphone. If the cache is not cleared, the garbage will accumulate in the internal memory and cause the smartphone to not operate optimally, so it becomes slow.

OS Update Rarely

Every smartphone manufacturer usually provides periodic Android OS updates to its product users. If the latest update is available, smartphone users will usually get a notification recommending that they download the OS update to a higher Android version.

However, many are lazy to update the OS so that the smartphone is still running on the old operating system. Even though you have to frequently update the OS to the latest version because the latest operating systems usually come with lots of upgrades that can help smartphone performance is no longer sluggish and faster.

Virus Attacked System

Android systems on smartphones that are attacked by viruses and malware will have a negative impact on the performance of the smartphone itself. Viruses are one of the causes for the slow performance of your smartphone

How to Overcome Slow Hp


Delete Unused Apps and Games

The first way to deal with a slow cellphone is to delete applications or games that are no longer used. This is so that the smartphone has a lot of free space in the internal memory and the smartphone RAM load is lighter because the need for several applications is reduced.

Don’t Use Live Wallpaper

In addition to making smartphone batteries wasteful and heating up quickly, this can also make the smartphone less responsive due to slow system performance on some Android components. this is one of the most effective ways to overcome the performance of your slow cellphone to become lighter.

Install Anti-Virus Application

The next solution is to use an anti-virus application such as AVAST Mobile Security to scan your smartphone and prevent your smartphone from contracting a virus, because a virus will make your cellphone or smartphone sometimes become slower.

Install the Clean Master application

Clean Master is an application that is often used by some people to delete cookies and cache on smartphones so that junk files that fill up the internal memory don’t accumulate. Often times people ignore this method, even though this is one of the best tips for dealing with slow cellphones.

Remove Widgets on Home Screen

We recommend that you remove useless widgets on the Home Screen of your smartphone, this aims to reduce news displays (information) connected to the internet and applications on smartphones. RAM will work harder when widgets and applications are simultaneously, especially if your smartphone is still running the old Android OS like Jelly Bean.

So, that was how to deal with a slow Android cellphone and the causes, hopefully it’s useful! Keep up with Kabar Games for lots of interesting information about the latest games and gadget news, various reviews to tips and tricks that are useful for your smartphone.