10 Pros and Cons of Power Bank for Hp

10 Pros and Cons of Power Bank for Hp

The number of smartphone users nowadays clearly has a direct impact on higher battery energy consumption. Therefore, many smartphone manufacturers have started to equip their products with large capacity batteries. But in reality, the existence of a large capacity battery is still not sufficient to meet the needs of users when they are outside the home. Therefore, many smartphone users need a power bank to keep their smartphones on at all times, but what is more important is that we know the advantages and disadvantages.

Power banks are indeed a mainstay when smartphone batteries are critical and there are no plugs to charge. The more there are also more variations of power bank products with various brands, shapes and prices so that anyone can have a power bank. However, this is also one of the loopholes for the circulation of many (counterfeit) KW products which often cause smartphones to break down quickly.

So that you are not confused about whether to buy a power bank to back up your battery during your activities or not, here are the advantages and disadvantages of using a power bank that you should know.

Pros of Power Bank

  • It is very helpful when you are on a trip where it is difficult or even if there is no electricity to charge a smartphone
  • Now the power bank comes with a variety of minimalist designs, making it easy to carry anywhere
  • The power bank itself has High Power specifications with a very large mAh capacity, so the process for charging a smartphone can be faster
  • Some power bank brands come with multiple USB cable plugs, which means they can be used to charge multiple gadgets simultaneously

Lack of Power Bank

Using a Power Bank

  • The use of a fake power bank (KW) can shorten battery life because the electric current flowing from the battery in the power bank to the smartphone battery is unstable
  • Really good branded power banks are usually expensive, so a lot of people choose KW products
  • Power banks generally weigh more than normal chargers and some models require the use of a USB cable
  • Using a power bank will make the smartphone battery heat more easily
  • Power banks also require the same charging process as smartphone batteries, on average it takes up to 2 to 4 hours or more until the power bank is fully charged. The length of time to charge depends on the capacity of the power bank owned. The higher the capacity, the longer the charge time required
  • Can damage the SIM card if you use a power bank too often.

With the explanation above, you can see and consider whether you need to buy the best Power Bank or not. The good impact of using the power bank itself is that you can charge your smartphone anywhere and in any condition without having to have an electricity connection.

But the bad impact that you will receive from using this power bank is that if you use it too often while the power bank capacity does not match the smartphone you have, it will damage the smartphone battery and can result in reduced performance of the power bank itself.

But with proper use and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of a power bank, it is guaranteed that your smartphone will not be damaged. Keep up with Kabargames for more useful information about tips & tricks about smartphones, so be the first to know about the latest games and gadget news, gadget reviews and much more.