10 Cheap & Quality Gaming Headsets / Headphones in 2020

10 Cheap & Quality Gaming Headsets / Headphones in 2020

Until now there is still quite a lot of debate, in gaming it is better to use the best gaming headset or just use regular audio headphones. The difference between the two is from the presence of a mic, where the headset is not only a speaker in the ear but also a mic that can be used to communicate via voice chat. The prices of gaming headsets and audio headphones vary, from cheap with standard features to expensive ones with topnotch quality.

Gaming headsets have the ability to sort out sounds because most of them already have a noise canceling feature where annoying sounds around you will not be heard in the speakers in your ears. In addition, gaming headsets are also quite good at analyzing sounds such as differences in footsteps that are still far and near, or sounds coming from the left or right.

So for those of you who claim to be true gamers, you are required to have a gaming headset for a better gaming experience, besides that you can also use the in-game voice chat feature in some games with multiplayer features. This time Kabar Games will provide reviews and recommendations for cheap and high-quality gaming headsets or headphones that you can make a choice in 2020.

FoxXray Glare 3D

Produced by FoxXray from Taiwan, Glare 3D is specifically designed to play games with the FPS or MMORPG genre that have 3D graphics. Glare 3D proves that cheap prices are not without quality because they are made with pretty good materials and also have a long cable. Having soft and smooth pads makes you comfortable to use them, what’s more, Glare 3D has excellent sound reproduction thanks to the 40mm driver. FoxXray Glare 3D is sold at a price range of Rp. 425,000.

Sades SA-903

Sades SA-903

Sades SA-903 has advantages that you should consider choosing a headset. The 7.1 surround sound technology used by this headset makes in-game sound absolutely perfect at a fairly affordable price. Soft pads and a futuristic design also make this headset really sadistic & very comfortable to use with a sharp and jarring sound. The Sades SA-903 gaming headset is sold at a fairly cheap price around Rp. 360,000.

TT eSport Shock by Thermaltake

TT eSport Shock by Thermaltake

Thermaltake already has quite a long experience in the world of PC gaming equipment around coolers, casings and power supplies whose quality is not in doubt. This gaming headset is recommended for several types of esports because it has quite complete features, including a microphone.

TT eSport is able to produce sound that is closer to the original thanks to its Advance Surround Sound feature, besides that you will also be very comfortable using it because the pads are very soft and can reduce sound. TT eSport Shock by Thermaltake is sold at a price range of Rp. 470,000.

DragonWar BEAST

DragonWar BEAST

If your budget is quite limited, DragonWar BEAST is the recommended headset choice, this brand is very well known for producing gaming devices that have low prices but good quality. The resulting sound is also very good because it supports 40mm drives.

What distinguishes it from similar products is the sound force feedback system feature that makes this headset vibrate when the sound produced from the computer exceeds a few decibels. DragonWar BEAST is sold at a price range of Rp. 390,000.

Logitech G231 Prodigy

Logitech G231 Prodigy

The advantages of the Logitech G231 Prodigy are its very elegant design and the resulting sound is really very clear thanks to the support of 43 mm neodymium drivers. The stereo sound quality is very high which is supported by a very soft cushion that makes gamers feel at home sitting in front of their favorite games. If you are a fan of games with the FPS type, this cheap gaming headset is perfect for you. Logitech G231 Prodigy is sold at a price range of Rp. 500,000.

Havit HV-H2260U USB 7.1

Havit HV-H2260U USB 7.1

The Havit HV-H2260U is still unfamiliar to gamers, but this headset does its job very well. Provides a very good gaming experience accompanied by very impressive audio details with a large 50mm driver. The red color on the left and right makes a fierce impression with a long service life. The Havit HV-H2260U is sold at a price range of Rp. 390,000.

Armaggeddon Molotov 3

Cheap Armaggeddon Molotov 3 gaming headset

This headset is preferred by mobile gamers or those who do not like details that are very striking but beautiful when used in public places. Appearing with a very simple design, Armaggeddon Molotov 3 gives you many attractive color choices with excellent sound details, you will be able to hear a lot of sound details when using this gaming headset, and keep in mind, cheap doesn’t mean cheap huh. Armaggeddon Molotov 3 is sold at a price range of Rp. 260,000.

Rexus F15

cheap gaming headset Rexus F15

Rexus F15 can be said to be a multipurpose headset, even though this is a gaming headset, it can be used for various things including listening to music or VoIP. With support for 40mm drivers and a frequency response in the range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, Rexus F15 provides pretty good audio quality.

The only drawback of the Rexus F15 is that the sound details don’t sound good because the sound staging is less powerful than other headsets that Kabar Games recommends. However, this is the best cheap gaming headset under 200 thousand. If your funds are limited to less than 200 thousand, then Rexus F15 is your best choice. Rexus F15 is sold at around Rp. 150,000.

Sades SA-708

cheap gaming headset Sades SA-708

The Sades SA-708 and Rexus F15 that were discussed in the previous point are products that have almost the same specifications. Carrying a 40mm driver, this headset is able to respond to frequencies of 20 Hz – 20 kHz quite well. If the Sades SA-903 is still too expensive for you then you can try the Sades SA-708 at a cheaper price.

With the same quality as the Rexus F15 but at a cheaper price, you can make the Sades SA-708 your best gaming headset choice. Sades SA-708 is sold at around Rp. 180,000.

Razer Hammerhead Pro

If you like to use headphones when playing games and have a little more money to buy a gaming headset that is really of the best quality and of course not cheap, then you should buy the Razer Hammerhead Pro which promises audiophile class 24-bit audio.

The Razer Hammerhead Pro relies on a 10mm driver combined with a custom DAC converter as well as a dedicated acoustic chamber to produce flawless, distortion-free audio. The Razer Hammerhead Pro is sold at around Rp. 1,050,000.

So, those are the recommendations for 10 cheap gaming headsets and headphones that have good quality in 2020. Which one do you like the most? Stay tuned for news about the latest games and gadgets only at Kabar Games!