10 Best Android and PC PDF Compress Applications 2020, Free!

10 Best Android and PC PDF Compress Applications 2020, Free!

If you have a problem with the PDF file size being too large when uploading a file, then one way you can choose is by compressing or shrinking the size of the PDF file itself. You can use the application compress PDF via Android or PC.

That way, the time you need to upload a file will be faster and more efficient. Well, for those of you who are looking for the best PDF compress application in 2019, Kabar Games has prepared these recommendations especially for you. Let’s just take a look at the 10 best online PDF file compression applications in 2019 below.

PDF Compress application for Android

1. All PDF Reader

Besides being able to be used offline, All PDF Reader can be used to reduce the size of PDFs online, of course, the results obtained will be maximized. The good news is, with this application you can change the size of your PDF file until it reaches the minimum size of 100kb.

With the ability to read PDF files without having to use a supporting application, of course this is an added value that you can consider choosing. In addition, this application is also equipped with a simple user interface that makes it easy for you to compress files without having to feel difficult.

2. PDF Tools

PDF Tools

The next best PDF compress application for Android is PDF Tools. This application is quite complete, because this software has 20 excellent features that can facilitate you in the process of compressing files. Besides being able to separate one PDF file into 2 pages or even more, this application can also convert many separate files into one file.

Eitts, that’s not all you know. If the PDF file wants to be claimed or owned, then you can add a watermark via this application without having to feel difficult. Just follow the directions, the PDF file is yours. Interesting right?

3. iLovePDF


Its name “sound in the ear” makes iLovePDF very quickly remembered by many people. Unfortunately, in compressing files, you are required to pay a license if the features you want use a variety of features to their full potential. The license price offered by this application is quite high, starting from 80 thousand.

Even so, not a few users do not hesitate to spend to be able to operate this application, it’s only natural because the quality offered is not playing games. One thing that is interesting about iLovePDF is that there are 25 languages ‚Äč‚Äčavailable that can be reached by users around the world, including Indonesia. Wow, how cool is that!

4. Compress PDF

Compress PDF

For Android users who don’t want to bother compressing PDF files using a PC, you can use the Compress PDF application. This application is fairly professional, even though its features are only for compressing it. The quality offered is extraordinary, even the results obtained can reach a very small size.

Although only its use is specifically limited to compressing files, this application is worth trying. The reason is, this application allows you to connect it with cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and others. Unfortunately, there are claims that not all PDF files can be compressed properly using this application.

5. PDF Utils

PDF Utils

Don’t worry if you don’t have more budget to just shrink the PDF file size, because PDF Utils comes with complete features that you can use for free or free. Amazingly, this application is free of advertisements that could potentially interfere with your activities in the file compression process.

There are 10 advantages that this application will present to you. Such as adding text or images, rotating PDF files, and also deleting pages contained in your PDF file. No need to think long, just download this application !.

PDF Compress Application for PC

1. Reduce PDF Size

Reduce PDF Size

This application is highly recommended for you, because this PDF compress application has various advantages that you can use very easily, without the need for a special tutorial. With Reduce PDF Size, you can compress multiple PDF files at the same time.

This PDF compress application for PC platforms is equipped with 5 super advanced configuration options. Among them are default quality, low quality, high quality (press quality), high quality (printer quality) and screen view.

2. PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor

PDF Compressor is a PDF compress application that can reduce the file size to the minimum size. With its small capacity, this application will not make your PC’s performance heavy and it will not consume your PC’s memory.

PDF Compressor has 4 default settings that you can use, namely none, default, maximum, to fastest. To reduce the size you can shift the bar provided at the bottom.

3. LibreOffice


Maybe most of you don’t know this one application. As the name implies, this application has features that are almost similar to Microsoft Office. This application is one of the best PDF compress applications for PCs, which you really need to feel the advantages of.

In running all the processes, all you have to do is open the application and then start compressing the file by clicking on the words “Export as Pdf”. Simple isn’t it? In addition, you can change the file size to a smaller size than other applications.

4. Free PDF for Compressor

  Free PDF for Compressor

From the name alone, you already know that you can use this application for free. Now before using it, make sure you know some of the compression settings as follows:

  • Prepress: produce PDF with high quality that is 300 dpi.
  • eBook: change photo or image quality to 150 dpi size.
  • Default: provides higher quality results than others.
  • Printer: compressed results can be printed in good size quality.
  • Screen: provides a compressed PDF with a low image resolution, which is only about 72 dpi.

Although it comes with several advantages, this application has a weakness in the business of reducing PDF files that have many images in them.

5. ORPALIS PDF Reducer


If you need a free PDF file compression application for PC then you can make ORPALIS PDF Reducer as an alternative. Just like other PDF compress applications, this application also has the following advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages :

  • PDF document file size can be reduced by as much as 80 percent.
  • Free demo version can be downloaded without obligation.

Deficiency :

  • Users will be required to pay to enjoy all of its features.
  • There is no version available for smartphones.
  • If compressing PDFs usually takes a long time, with this application you can save time because ORPALIS PDF Reducer allows you to compress many files at the same time.

That was the list of the best PDF file compression applications, both for Android and PC. You just have to choose which application to use, of course according to your wishes. Good luck!